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"Purple Cactus has provided a vital service to the Festival for four years. They have helped raised the profile of the Festival to the extent where it has been listed in the top 5 festivals in the UK by The Times. We couldn't be more grateful.” – Frome Festivall


Boothby Graffoe

Boothby GraffoeBoothby Graffoe – this very tall comedian from Hull has been honing his gags and guitar-playing on the stand-up circuit since the late 1980s. Winner of a Time Out Comedy Award and a 1995 Perrier Award nominee, he has also co-written and starred in two series of The Big Booth for Radio 4 and seen two of his plays, The Condition Of The Virgin and God and Adam performed at the Edinburgh Festival.

All of which is why he has his own series on Radio 4.

As well as pleasing his die hard fans, the radio series aims to bring the full flavour of Boothby Graffoe to an audience who do not know his work.

Boothby Graffoe is a skilled performer, expert with an audience, so it is recorded as live at the Drill Hall. He has a lovely singing voice, so each show has at least one song. He tells great gags, ranging from the political to the silly and surreal and delivers great anecdotes so all are included in the show.

And this year the gag count is even higher as writer Jim Miller (Jo Brand: Through the Cakehole) joins the team.

With Boothby Graffoe on stage are his small team of regulars: accomplished actor Stephen Frost, and fab guitarist Antonio Forcione. A guest actor also joins each week, Paul Zerdin, Debra Stephenson (star of Bad Girls) and Art Malik are all looking forward to being part of the show for a night.

QUOTES about Boothby Graffoe:

Sings songs that are both beautiful and funny” – The Guardian

…it’s not fair to call them comedy songs, they are much more than that, there are some i would dare to call genius.” -The Times

Buy two copies of his cd because you’ll want to share but you won’t want to give it away.” -The Scotsman

No more music maestro, please!” -The Independent

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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