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Welcome to the heart of our world, the comedian listings! Here you can search for hundreds of acts by both name and by budget, before to hire a comedian!

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*Please note that the fees are only estimates at this stage, as every event is unique in it’s requirements

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  • Adam-Bloom1-480x198
  • Adam Ethan Crow - Small
  • Addy-van-der-Borgh2-420x198
  • Al-Pitcher-253x198
  • Alex Boardman - Small
  • Alfie Moore - Small
  • Alistair-Barrie1-250x198
  • Andre-King2-246x198
  • Andre Vincent
  • Andrew-Bird1-300x198
  • Andrew-Lawrence-500x198
  • Andrew Maxwell
  • Andrew Ryan - Small
  • Andrew-Stanley1-200x198
  • Andy-Askins1-361x198
  • Angie-McEvoy1-300x198
  • Arnold Brown - Small
  • Ava-Vidal2-200x198
  • Ben-Norris1-683x198
  • Bennett-Arron1
  • Bethany-Black-153x200
  • Bob-Mills1-200x198
  • Boothby Graffoe
  • Brendon-Riley1-566x198
  • Brendon-Burns-250x198
  • Brian Higgins - Small
  • Bruce Devlin - Small
  • Carey-Marx1-250x198
  • Carl Donnelly
  • Celia Pacquola - Small
  • Chris Martin - Small
  • Chris-Mayo1-600x198
  • Chris McCausland - Small
  • Colin Cole - Small
  • Craig-Campbell1-460x198
  • Damian Clark - Small
  • Dan-Atkinson1
  • Danny-Buckler1-300x198
  • Dave-Fulton1-238x198
  • Dave-Johns1-226x198
  • Dave Thompson - Small
  • David-Hadingham2-300x198
  • Deirdre-OKane1-200x198
  • Des-Bishop1-515x198
  • Dominic Woodward - Small
  • Dougie-Dunlop-400x198
  • Eddy-Brimson1-500x198
  • Gavin Webster
  • Geoff-Boyz1-162x198
  • Geoff-Norcott1-430x198
  • George-Egg1-410x198
  • Glenn-Wool-153x200
  • Gordon-Southern1-400x198
  • Greg-Burns1-300x198
  • Hattie-Hayridge1-359x198
  • Howard Read - Small
  • Ian Coppinger - Small
  • Ian-D-Montfort-Spirit-Medium1-460x198
  • Ian Moore - Small
  • Ian-Stone1-300x198
  • Inder-Manocha1-400x198
  • Ivan-Brackenbury1
  • Jacques-Barrett1-359x198
  • James-Dowdeswell1-400x198
  • Janey-Godley1-350x198
  • Jason Cook - Small
  • Jason John Whitehead - Small
  • Jav Jarquin - The Card Ninja - Small
  • Jay Sodagar
  • Jeff-Innocent1-476x198
  • Jeff-Mirza1-165x198
  • Jeff-Stevenson1-250x198
  • Jim-Tavare1-500x198
  • Jimmy McGhie - Small
  • Jo-Enright1-300x198
  • John-Fothergill1-221x198
  • John-Gordillo1-300x198
  • John Lynn - Small
  • John-Moloney1-940x198
  • John-Ryan1-300x198
  • John Warburton - Small
  • Josh-Howie1-450x198
  • JosieLong
  • Junior-Simpson1-431x198
  • Karl-Spain1-185x198
  • Keith-Farnan1-341x198
  • Keith-Fields1-400x198
  • Kerry-Godliman1-300x198
  • Kevin-McCarthy1-537x198
  • Lloyd Langford - Small
  • Louis Ramey - Small
  • Mandy-Knight1-300x198
  • MandyMuden
  • Mark Maier - Small
  • Markus-Birdman1-300x198
  • Martin Coyote - Small
  • Matt-Green1-300x198
  • Matt Kirshen - Small
  • Matt-Welcome1-300x198
  • Matthew Hardy - Small
  • Men of War - Small
  • Michael-Fabbri1
  • Michael-Smiley1-300x198
  • Mick-Ferry1-300x198
  • Mick-Miller1-205x198
  • Mickey Hutton - Small
  • Mike-Gunn1-317x198
  • Miles-Crawford1-212x198
  • Mitch-Benn1-300x198
  • Neil-Delamere1-298x198
  • Nick-Doody1-940x198
  • Nick Helm
  • Nick-Stein1-500x198
  • Nick-Wilty1-282x198
  • Ninia Benjamin
  • Noel-Britten1-228x198
  • Norman-Lovett1-300x198
  • Otiz Cannelloni - Small
  • Owen-ONeill1-300x198
  • Paddy-Lennox1-300x198
  • Pam-Ford1-250x198
  • Papa-CJ1-300x198
  • Pat Cahill
  • Paul-Kerensa1-150x198
  • Paul-Thorne1-240x198
  • Pete-Cain11
  • Pete Johansson - Small
  • Phil Butler - Small
  • Phil-Nichol1-700x198
  • Philberto - Small
  • Pierre-Hollins-153x200
  • Piff the Magic Dragon - Small
  • Pippa Evans
  • Quincy1-399x198
  • Raymond-and-Mr-Timpkins-Revue1-640x198
  • Raymond-Mearns1-239x198
  • Ria-Lina1-200x198
  • Richard-Morton1-200x198
  • Rick-Right1-300x198
  • Rob Beckett - Small
  • Rob-Deering1-570x198
  • Rob Heeney - Small
  • Roger-Monkhouse1-300x198
  • Rudi Lickwood
  • Sally-Anne Hayward - Small
  • Scott Capurro - Small
  • Sean Collins
  • Sean Meo - Small
  • Sean Percival - Small
  • Shazia Mirza - Small
  • Silky - Small
  • Simon B. Cotter
  • Simon Bligh - Small
  • Simon Clayton
  • Simon Fox
  • Simon Lipson - Small
  • Sol Bernstein
  • Stefano Paolini
  • Stephen Carlin
  • Steve Best
  • Steve Day
  • steve hughes
  • Steve Rawlings - Small
  • Steve Royle
  • Steve Shanyaski - Small
  • Steve Williams
  • Susan Murray
  • The Noise Next Door
  • Tiernan Douieb - Small
  • Tiffany Stevenson
  • Tim Clark
  • Tim FitzHigham
  • Tom Price - Small
  • Tony Law
  • Trevor Crook
  • Yianni Agisilaou


All acts at this level are professional comedians, regularly headlining comedy clubs across the country. While they may not have widespread national recognition they are highly talented performers, often with many of them having radio and TV credits.

All these comedians are affordable to most while still providing great entertainment, and like the majority of comedians at any level they have a standard set around 30 minutes long.


Adam Bloom

“Adam Bloom is perhaps the perfect comedian” – The List Adam Bloom is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most exciting and original stand-up comedians. This whirlwind of a comedian has become one of the most in demand headliners performing today. From the moment Adam Bloom set foot on the circuit over 18 years ago, he stunned the industry with his rapid rise. This included producing countless sell-out shows at the Edinburgh…


Adam Ethan Crow

Adam Crow is a man of many parts – as shown by his occasional use of his full monicker Adam Ethan Crow which as well as making his name look bigger when it’s up in lights, also helps to confuse anyone trying to pin him down like comedy and biography writers. His material, though varied from gig to gig, centres frequently on relationships and the time honoured question of the…


Addy van der Borgh

Addy van der Borgh has that rare talent of making people laugh as soon as he walks on stage. He is a great performer of highly acclaimed and original material, an ability noticed immediately by the BBC when he appeared on the ‘Stand-up Show’ on BBC1 after only one year as a comedian. He has subsequently appeared on ‘Live at Jongleurs’ and ‘The World Stands Up’ for Sky TV and…


Al Pitcher

Each Al Pitcher show is unique. He eclipses his peers with his interactive abilities, his audience never quite knowing where he’s leading them, but thrilled by the journey. Wit   his unpredictable, unsystematic and upbeat live performances Al Pitcher has consistently wowed audiences across the country. With live performances in the UK, New York, Shanghai, Bahrain, Paris, Berlin and Auckland, it’s really only a matter of time before you have seen…

Alex Boardman - Big

Alex Boardman

Alex Boardman is now one of the most sought after acts in the country due to his ability to interact with any audience and to seemingly conjure something out of nothing. His free flowing style and natural charm breeze through in performances. However there is often hard-hitting edge to his material that acts as counter balance to this. Given this ability for ad-libbing and ease with the audience, it is no wonder that Alex…

Alfie Moore - Big

Alfie Moore

Alfie Moore the Stand-Up Police Sergeant. He is a natural raconteur and delivers a wealth of insights and comedy moments from his eighteen years on the beat, where dealing with everyday incidents has generated a host of humorous stories that you ‘just couldn’t make up’. He has three times written and performed his own one-man show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, mostly recently with his critically acclaimed ‘I PREDICTED A…


Alistair Barrie

Comedian, actor and writer Alistair Barrie has been performing all over the world for nearly an entire century (this one). Much in demand as both a headline act and MC, he has performed throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield in the States, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, South Africa, Estonia, Mumbai, Cyprus, Crete, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Qatar, Belgium, Prague, Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Norway, Hong Kong, Macau,…


Andre King

Andre King is a stand up comedian from Auckland New Zealand and a veteran of the NZ comedy circuit. He started off in 2000 as a magician and in an effort to move from childrens parties to a more mature audience took to stand up comedy as a method of improving his patter. However, since making the move, he discovered a love for stand up and a passion for the stage. Since…


Andre Vincent

Andre Vincent (born in Penge, England) is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. Vincent sits on the board of The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. A situational comic, Vincent is known for his observations about health matters, including his experiences with diabetes, cancer and kidney surgery. Andre Vincent developed an interest in acting when, as a child, he took the part of the Artful Dodger in a locally produced Oliver. Trained as…


Andrew Bird

With his easy charm and sharp wit Andrew Bird has rapidly established himself as one of the best young comedians in England. He has an animated story telling style which is punctuated by his keen perceptions on life. Andrew has a reputation for reliably strong performances at all the major comedy clubs including The Comedy Store, Lee Hurst’s Backyard and Up The Creek, Banana Cabaret, etc. From Andrew Bird himself: My…


Andrew Lawrence

“Devastatingly funny” – Guardian Andrew Lawrence‘s live performances have gained international recognition as he has played at all the top comedy festivals enjoying mass critical acclaim. He has twice performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and at the 2009 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Andrew Lawrence has performed six consecutive all-new solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – two of which were nominated for the Edinburgh…

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell

Stand-up comedian Andrew Maxwell has won and been nominated for several awards including an Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Show, a Time Out Live Award in the category of Best Stand-up, a Loaded Magazine Award for best stand-up and Chortle Award for best contribution to the live comedy circuit. In the past six months alone Andrew Maxwell has performed a new show at the Edinburgh Festival (THE LAMP), a nationwide…

Andrew Ryan - Big

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Ryan started to perform stand up in 2008 and since then he has not looked back. Regarded as one of the most exciting emerging talents in recent years the Corkman is an in demand act and MC at some of the biggest clubs in the UK & Ireland. In August 2012 Ryan brought his debut solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ‘RYANOPOLY’ and received rave reviews. Andrew Ryan…


Andrew Stanley

“the most fun filled show you can find..” – Three Weeks Having performed worldwide at the Montreal, Australian and Edinburgh Comedy Festivals and becoming a regular fixture on the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Calendar, Andrew Stanley is one of the top comics working the Worldwide Comedy Circuit today. Whether it’s performing as Resident MC in numerous clubs around Ireland, one of which is the legendary Comedy Cellar in Dublin, or as…


Andy Askins

“Dark humour with faultless timing” – The Stage Andy Askins is a diminutive figure who exudes an air of vulnerability and an innocent child-like quality as he steps up to the microphone armed with a guitar and a cheeky grin.  It’s an overwhelmingly misleading demeanour which serves to heighten the impact of the killer lines that he delivers. Andy Askins has an expertly crafted routine littered with an eclectic mix of…


Angie McEvoy

Angie McEvoy has a sweet and laid back stage persona, fused with a dry and cutting wit. She regularly performs around the UK, including major venues such as The Comedy Store and Jongleurs. Angie launched her career at the Edinburgh Festival, when she was voted runner-up in the BBC New Comedy Awards. She has since become a very skilled performer and achieved critical acclaim. Angie is excellent at writing comedy…

Arnold Brown - Big

Arnold Brown

“still the best laconic comedian in the country” – Time Out Anyone who knows comedy, knows Arnold Brown. They know him as the grandfather of alternative comedy, one of the finest gag writers in Britain but most of all, as a man who “possesses the unerring ability to draw humour from the most unlikely material” Times. For Brown, it is instinctive. It is natural. Yet despite more than twenty years…


Ava Vidal

Former teenage single mum, prison officer, victim of domestic abuse and school rebel, Ava Vidal is a unique and exciting comedy talent. A regular on the comedy circuit in the UK from The Comedy Sore to The Stand as well as international shows in India and Dubai, Ava Vidal has had four shows at Edinburgh, numerous appearances on TV in comedy and politics shows, and a host of articles for The…


Ben Norris

“Killer gags” – The Scotsman Ben Norris is a highly experienced and hugely well respected stand-up. He’s been performing comedy since 1993 and has developed an incredibly relaxed stage persona with an innate ability to improvise as well as deliver sharply crafted material. As a result he’s a regular headliner on the UK comedy circuit and has performed around the world in Prague, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa,…


Bennett Arron

Bennett Arron is an award-winning writer, actor and stand-up comedian and is the only Jewish/Welsh comedian on the Comedy Circuit. He recently supported Ricky Gervais on some of his tour dates. His television and radio performing credits include; Not Tonight With John Sergeant, Glee Time (in which he hosted a series of six stand-up comedy shows), Large (a satirical sketch show for the BBC), Never Write Off The Germans (a panel game…


Bethany Black

Bethany Black is the outsider’s outsider, a taboo breaking story teller dealing with subjects other comics other wince at with a lightness of tough and a cheeky chatty style that makes it all surprisingly accessible this Goth, lesbian, trans comedian is nothing short of utterly unique. Bethany Black has performed two Edinburgh shows and has a third one in the pipeline, her debut show “Beth Becomes Her” dealt candidly with…


Bob Mills

Bob Mills burst on to the London Comedy scene in 1985, turning the  faltering “Alternative” establishment on it’s head with his unique, challenging brand of laddish irreverent stand-up. Over the next ten years Bob Mills established himself as one of the most successful live acts in the country, as well as putting together a string of acclaimed TV credits. His performances as host of ITV’s flagship daytime game show ‘Win Lose Or…

Boothby Graffoe

Boothby Graffoe

Boothby Graffoe – this very tall comedian from Hull has been honing his gags and guitar-playing on the stand-up circuit since the late 1980s. Winner of a Time Out Comedy Award and a 1995 Perrier Award nominee, he has also co-written and starred in two series of The Big Booth for Radio 4 and seen two of his plays, The Condition Of The Virgin and God and Adam performed at the…


Brendan Riley

Brendan Riley -there’s nothing bland or predictable about this stand-up comic. Brendan Riley‘s Liverpudlian accent and lively blend of anecdotes, gags and inspired improvisation bring a refreshing blast of cheerful North Western humour to any gig and make him a sought after host and headline act. Quotes about Brendan Riley: “One of the brighter names from the North West .. a great compere” – Guardian “incredibly refreshing”  - Metro ‘Irreverent,…


Brendon Burns

“Simply a legend in the making…sparkling stuff” – The Guardian Brendon Burns – For two decades now the adopted Australian has been Britain’s most outspoken and number one cult comic. Since taking away the long-awaited Oscar of live stand-up comedy: the if.comedy award for best live comedy show in 2007, Burns has been one of the most prolific and busiest men in show-business both here and across the pond. In…


Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins is one of the most experienced headline acts on the comedy circuit. He started learning his craft in 1993. Four years later he went professional and hasn’t looked back since. Slowly and steadily he worked his way through the ranks of comedy clubs and has been regular headliner at all the top clubs for the last twelve years. Not only in the UK but also as far a…

Bruce Devlin - Big

Bruce Devlin

“super slick compere” – Scotsman Bruce Devlin is widely regarded as one of the best comperes in the business today. A resident compere at The Stand Comedy Clubs in both Edinburgh and Glasgow (also Newcastle from October 2011) and a firm favourite at The Highlight Comedy Club’s and also now with the Jongluers chain throughout the UK. More recently Bruce Devlin has been performing at London’s Comedy Cafe where he…


Carey Marx

WINNER – BEST INTERNATIONAL SHOW – NEW ZEALAND COMEDY FESTIVAL 2009 and 2011 NOMINATED BEST SHOW – LEICESTER COMEDY FESTIVAL 2009 Carey Marx has been a circuit favourite for years mixing his own blend of dark humour with his mischeivious and gleeful delivery.  His willful disregard for the controversial and delicate is tempered beautifully by his ability to find joy in the most unexpected places.  This  hilarious mix of edgy…

Carl Donnelly

Carl Donnelly

Carl Donnelly started performing stand-up in 2005 and quickly established himself as one of the UK’s most exciting young comedians. His conversational, silly sense of humour saw him win a host of awards (Chortle Best Newcomer 2007, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2007 among others) and become a regular at all of the finest comedy clubs in the UK and Ireland. Keep reading to find out why he could…


Carly Smallman

Carly is a musical and observational comic, with a flair for telling hilariously animated stories during her shows.  She has starred on BBC’s The Rob Brydon Show and ITV’s Viral Tap among numerous other TV and radio appearances.  She has played at some fabulous venues, from major weekend comedy clubs, to arts centres, to the Hammersmith Apollo to her living room! Carly is currently working on her next solo show, as well as performing at…

Celia Pacquola - Big

Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola began her stand-up career in 2006 and quickly cemented her place as an award-winning, and internationally recognised comedian. “Celia Pacquola is Adam Hills with ovaries, using her magnetic charisma to draw audiences in to a warmly uplifting show that’s as inspiring as it is hilarious.  I’d defy anyone not to leave… just a little more in love with life – and with her – than before.” -  Chortle.co.uk…

Chris Martin - Big

Chris Martin

Chris Martin is one of the newest and most exciting acts to hit the comedy circuit. His wholly original social commentary, observations and anecdotes are his trade mark. Chris Martin brings intelligent material as well as simple immature jokes to any room. Awards & Nominations 2010 Top 10 Comedy Podcasts Guardian 2007 Finalist Amused Moose Comedy Competition 2006 Runner Up Chortle Student Comedian of the Year Live Shows 2010 Zoe Lyons…


Chris Mayo

Chris Mayo has been performing stand up on the UK comedy circuit since 2005. In 2008 he moved to North London, and can now be found performing most nights at venues across the country. Performing for some of the most respected clubs and promoters in the country including Off The Kerb, Just The Tonic, Avalon, Up The Creek, The 99 Club, The Comedy Club, The Comedy Store, Downstairs at The…

Chris McCausland - Big

Chris McCausland

Chris McCausland – As perhaps the world’s only blind comedian Chris has got a unique perspective to bring to any corporate event.  A former web site developer, Chris’ eyesight got worse and worse which meant that the websites he was designing just got uglier and uglier. Now Chris McCausland has been performing stand-up for ten years and as well as being established at the very top of the UK’s live…

Colin Cole - Big

Colin Cole

Colin Cole is literally one of the biggest names in comedy in Australia – not only is he 6′ 7″, he is also known for his hugely dynamic performance. His delivery is fast and furious, and his material ranges from the topical to the observational. As well as comedy, Colin Cole has been an actor for many years, and in this field he is known for his versatility and he…


Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell, star of Michael Mcintyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Russell Howard’s Good News and Dave’s One Night Stand is one of the most charismatic and inventive performers on the circuit. His unique ability to find humour in the mundane, coupled with his own natural eccentricity makes for truly inventive storytelling. Now an internationally acclaimed act, Craig’s whimsical travel anecdotes never fail to surprise. Craig Campbell first appeared alongside Tony Law and Dan…

Damian Clark - Big

Damian Clark

Damian Clark burst into the Irish & UK comedy circuit in 2005 and within weeks was hailed ‘The Number 1 event to see’ and ‘Cream of the crop’  (InDublin Magazine). After several acclaimed TV performances in Australia plus two prestigious comedy awards under his belt, Damo moved to Ireland where teaming up with fellow comic Andrew Stanley, wrote and co-starred in RTE TV’s I Dare Ya (‘Critics’ Choice’ – The…


Dan Atkinson

Dan Atkinson is a stand-up comedian, comedy writer and TV producer. Currently he is producing the new BBC 3 comedy show ‘Live at the Electric’. He was one of the core writers on the first five series of the BBC hit show Russell Howard’s Good News. In February 2010 he was nominated as best UK compere in the Chortle Awards. In 2010/11, Dan Atkinson was chosen as the warm-up for Stephen…


Danny Buckler

Danny Buckler is fast establishing himself as one of the most popular performers in showbiz with a unique style that combines stand-up comedy, improvisation, story-telling, audience participation and the odd bit of magic. The past few years has seen Danny Buckler travel the world entertaining the troops in Bosnia, Belfast, The Falkland Islands and Diego Garcia. He was also invited to support Victoria Wood on her national tour, which led…


Dave Fulton

Whoever it was who decided that Americans don’t have any sense of irony, they forgot to tell Dave Fulton. This wry Seattle wag is positively brimming over with ironic invective. He even fronted an amusing and perceptive report – for Newsnight, no less – begging Brits to celebrate their own heritage, rather than aping American pop culture. Yet you’d never know from the look of him. With his stringy beard,…


Dave Johns

WINNER SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE AWARD EDINBURGH 1998 Dave Johns has gained a reputation as an inventive, exciting and extremely funny comedian winning applause from his audiences, respect from his fellow comics, and rave reviews from the critics. He has had two very successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in two highly acclaimed shows ‘Dave Johns On The Edge’ in 1998 and ‘I’m in The Attic Mother’ in 1999…

Dave Thompson - Big

Dave Thompson

Stand-up veteran Dave Thompson is probably best known for playing Tinky-Winky in the Teletubbies – especially after he was sacked in July 1997 because the BBC thought his interpretation of the role was ‘unacceptable’. As a live act, he has worked in the USA, Sweden, France, Ireland, Holland, The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Dubai, Oman, and The Falklands as well as on the British circuit. His absurdist physical humour…


David Hadingham

“ranting & raving comic genius” – The Guardian. David Hadingham keeps audiences hooked right up to the last punchline as he presents his unique and often warped view of everyday life. This gravel-voiced comic combines supremely controlled delivery with inimitable facial contortions as he cracks some of the best handmade gags in the business. David Hadingham (no middle name and only one ‘d’ in the surname) started in comedy in May…


Deirdre O’Kane

“O’Kane dazzles the audience from start to finish” – The List Deirdre O’Kane became a stand-up comic in 1996 and easily found her way in to the finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards of that year. She has played at the Edinburgh Festival every year since including 2001 where she not only performed her own solo show, Deirdre O’Kane is Crystallized, but also the two-hander ‘Tis Pity She’s Anonymous’.…


Des Bishop

Des Bishop – as a native New Yorker, Des moved from Queens to Ireland in his mid-teens in 1990. He has since carved out a highly successful career in stand up comedy in Ireland as well as having had three acclaimed television series on RTE, Ireland – The Des Bishop Work Experience (2004), Joy in the Hood (2006) and most recently, the award winning six episode comedy documentary series In…

Dominic Woodward - Big

Dominic Woodward

Dominic Woodward started comedy young and wide eyed back in 2001, with over 12 years experience on the UK circuit he’s a safe pair of hands. He’s cheeky, charming, full of energy and hilarious. Now married with a mortgage, Dominic Woodward weaves side-splitting stories about his life and tells belly aching jokes that hit the mark with all audiences. There’s a naughty twinkle in his eyes but his act is…


Dougie Dunlop

“All the composure of a Tiger Woods’ putt” – The Scotsman Highly talented observational comic, Dougie Dunlop, effortlessly gets audiences laughing and sharing his unique take on life. Dougie Dunlop started his career at the “The Stand” in hometown Edinburgh, and made his fringe debut in 2000 as part of the “The Midnight Show” in the Gilded Balloon. For Fringe 2003, he headlined the prestigious Big Value comedy package show at…


Eddy Brimson

“Quite simply brilliant” – SKY MAGAZINE Eddy Brimson is one of the UK circuits most in demand headline acts working regularly with all the leading promoters. He is a regular at such prestigious venues as Jongleurs, Banana Cabaret, Belfast Empire and London’s notorious Up the Creek. He also performs regularly all over the country for the likes of Off the Kerb, Avalon and Mirth Control. In 2001 Eddy performed at…


Gavin Webster

‘Funny, clever and as brilliantly observed as you’ll find’ – The Scotsman Gavin Webster has been on the rise. He’s been on the rise for Eighteen years. After making his modest debut in a pub in Gateshead in February 1993 he’s done about three thousand gigs from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi, Manchester to Melbourne and Hartlepool to Hong Kong. Famed and respected by his peers for his uncompromising and unusual…


Geoff Boyz

“Scottish comedian and impressionist, Geoff Boyz “has established himself as one of the most versatile comedians on the London Circuit” – ID MAGAZINE In 1995 and 1997 Geoff Boyz hosted BEST OF SCOTTISH COMEDY at the Edinburgh Festival and in 1996 made his solo debut at the festival with a superb one-man show. He was a regular compere for The Best of the Fest at the 1997 Festival and the following…


Geoff Norcott

“This guy is going to be big” – The Stage Everything Geoff Norcott does is under-pinned by enthusiasm, optimism and a sharp comic mind. On the comedy circuit, Geoff’s abundance of energy combined with a storming mix of observations, impressions and satire has made him a hugely popular act both in the UK and abroad. On Television, Geoff’s profile continues to rise with urge using his sharp one-liners and becoming…


George Egg

“A hugely entertaining variety turn” – The Guardian Wildly brandishing the worlds’ second largest briefcase containing a battery of ridiculous props, George Egg bounds onto the stage to perform one of the most original, interesting, innovative, and sweetly whimsical comedy performances you are ever likely to see. He has been hailed as ‘a Tommy Cooper for the twenty first century’ and through tears of laughter you’ll see why. A true cross…


Glenn Wool

Glenn Wool began his comedy career in his hometown of Vancouver in 1995. He moved to London in 1998 and quickly became one of the rising stars of the London and international comedy circuit having performed in Australia, New Zealand, The USA, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Croatia and Arabia. Glenn was nominated for Best International Stand Up at The New Zealand Comedy Awards and Best Headliner at the Chortle Awards…


Gordon Southern

With years of comedy experience under his belt Gordon Southern is one of the most sought after headline acts on the UK and international circuit. Gordon regularly plays to sell out audiences at the most prestigious clubs in the country including Comedy Store and Jongleurs. His upbeat and energetic delivery combined with his fantastically funny observational comedy & quick witted improvisation has secured his place as an audience favourite. An…


Greg Burns

Greg Burns currently hosts London’s No.1 Drivetime show for Capital FM Radio, having previously hosted a Sunday afternoon show for Virgin Radio and a Drivetime show for Heart FM. He also stepped in over the Festive period to co-host the Capital FM Breakfast show. Greg Burns is an award winning comedian who has worked on such shows as Have I Got News For You and The Catherine Tate show, as well…


Hattie Hayridge

Hattie Hayridge is a popular, award-winning, stand-up comic, who performs live all over Britain and around the world, including at both the prestigious Montreal and Sydney Comedy Festivals. Apart from her numerous stand-up appearances on television and radio, she has received worldwide recognition for her part as HOLLY the computer in the hugely successful BBC comedy series, RED DWARF and most recently starred as Lizzie Gillespie in BBC 1′s JONATHAN…

Howard Read - Big

Howard Read

Howard Read is an award-winning writer, animator, song-writer and comedy performer.  Howard Read has written and illustrated two children’s books and toured his unique theatre shows all over the country and all over the world, effortlessly flitting between adult, family and corporate audiences, and almost never saying the wrong word at any of them. Howard Read started out as a stand-up comic after leaving university in 1996.  Howard Read soon established…

Ian Coppinger - Big

Ian Coppinger

Ian Coppinger – Co-writer and star of RTE’s comedy series Couched, Ian is one of Ireland’s leading performers. A regular on the Irish comedy circuit, Ian has toured extensively throughout the country and recently debuted in Scotland making up one third of the sell-out show at the Edinburgh Festival ‘Young, Gifted and Green’. Well known for his improvisational skills, Ian Coppinger has lead Dublin’s Comedy Improv team for over seven years performing…


Ian D Montfort – Spirit Medium

The creation of Tom Binns – the character comedian behind inept hospital DJ Ivan Brackenbury – Ian D Montfort is a psychic from Sunderland, who made his debut at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe. Binns combines the ‘cold reading’ trickery of stage mediums with comic patter to debunk their techniques “Binns has his character absolutely nailed, and mines the comic seam ruthlessly to create top-quality entertainment with practically universal appeal.” – The Guardian…


Ian Moore

Ian Moore- A thinly veiled contempt for all forms of physical exertion and an open adoration of all things Mod, Ian was recently voted by fellow comedians as ‘Man most likely to run amok with a firearm’. Fortunately this hasn’t stopped Ian Moore from achieving great success on the London and National circuits where he has spent the last two years supporting the likes of LEE EVANS, JACK DEE and…


Ian Stone

“A masterful exponent of self-mocking Jewish humour” – The Times Ranked amongst the top ten stand-ups in Britain by The Independent, Ian Stone is one of the most talented topical acts and comperes in the country. Edgy and provocative, with an easy-going manner and self-depreciating style, Ian Stone is at great ease bantering with an audience. He’s also a member of the Comedy Store’s critically acclaimed ‘Cutting Edge’ team. Ian Stone has performed…


Inder Manocha

Inder Manocha has performed stand-up comedy all over the world since 2000.  He has played all the major comedy venues across the country, from the Comedy Store to Jongleurs to the Hackney Empire. Inder has made successful appearances with the Comedy Store’s critically acclaimed ‘Cutting Edge’ team (improvised comedy on topical issues).  In 2004 he won the EMMA Award (Ethnic Multicultural Media Award) for Best Comedy/Comedian, beating Meera Syal, Lenny…


Ivan Brackenbury

Tom cut his teeth in comedy at the Comedy Café in London and on the BBC Radio Comedy Network. His first television appearances were in ‘Knowing Me Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge’, ‘Friday Night Armistice’ and ‘Fist of Fun’. In 1999 the readers of Melody Maker voted ‘Tom Binns Breakfast’ on London’s XFM as one of their Top Ten Radio shows of the year. One of the sketches Tom wrote…


Jacques Barrett

“Pretty damn impressive” – Timeout “had shoulders jack hammering with laughter” – Adelaide Advertiser A powerhouse of performance, Jacques Barrett has been carving up stages with his brand of insightful observational and impressionistic comedy for seven years now. On the forefront of Sydney’s rapidly expanding comedy scene, Jacques is among a talented bunch of rising Australian stars who’s unique brand of performance take a crowd on a journey they never thought…


James Dowdeswell

“A quirky impressionist with very funny material.” – The Times “James Dowdeswell is a real master of the comedian’s craft.” – Chortle James is an imaginative storytelling comedian who delivers gags from a slightly absurd observational standpoint. He is a headline act at most top UK comedy clubs. His comedy has travelled as far as Shanghai, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Australia and Singapore. Dowdeswell has appeared in Ricky…


Janey Godley

Multi-award-winning Scottish comedienne, playwright, award-winning blogger, best-selling author and former Scotsman newspaper columnist Janey Godley has performed her comedy shows and one-woman play around the world, including off-Broadway in New York. She is a regular on BBC Radio 4′s Just a Minute. In 2006, Janey was nominated and was close runner-up for the annual Scotswoman of the Year title as ‘the most inspirational woman in Scotland’; at the New Zealand…

Jason Cook - Big

Jason Cook

Be ready for pretty much anything when Jason Cook takes to the stage. Behind his cheerful Geordie exterior lurks a dark, sharp comedic mind capable of taking an unsuspecting audience to places they didn’t want to go. Jason has a way of presenting true-to-life stories that drag you in and won’t let go, close to the edge but always intriguing and blessed with the sort of charm that’ll have you…


Jason John Whitehead

Jason John Whitehead has been performing his brand of Stand Up Comedy all over the world for 12 years now. He is a regular at International Comedy Festivals in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Holland and his home country of Canada. A regular headliner on the British and International circuit, Jason has headlined prestigious clubs such as The Comedy Store, Jongleurs, Highlight, The Glee Clubs, and Yuk Yuks. Delivers world…

Jav Jarquin - The Card Ninja - Big

Jav Jarquin – The Card Ninja

Winner – The Press Critics Choice Award ‘Best National Artist’ World Buskers Festival 2012 Javier Jarquin spent the last 4 years working as a professional comedian in New Zealand. After winning the 2007 `So You Think You`re Funny` competition in Christchurch He played and headlined in some of the biggest clubs in NZ and Melbourne, on television and was a core member of New Zealand`s longest running comedy show: Scared…

Jay Sodagar

Jay Sodagar

Jay terms his comedy as Social Conscience Comedy, this genre underlines observational, political and straight stand-up, and he likes to make people think about his material after they’ve laughed. He was heavily involved with Comedy Improvisation, as part of the first all Asian Impro Team, which now tours Canada and the US. Writing is a passion of Jay’s and he has written a sketch show that is currently being viewed…


Jeff Innocent

Jeff Innocent had a typical east London upbringing. Born in a workhouse, his mother died in childbirth while his father was in Newgate prison. As a child his first job was for an undertaker but after ill treatment at the hands of his alcoholic governor he escaped and joined a gang of child pickpockets who preyed on the toffs who frequented the west end of London. Although finally falling foul…


Jeff Mirza

In 1995 Jeff Mirza was a finalist in the BBC Open Mic Award for The Stand up Show. Since that initial success he gave up his job as a Structural engineer and began work as a full time stand up Comedian. In the Asian Comedy field he has worked with and for the ‘One Nation. ..lnnit! ‘ Team based at Watermans in Brentford and has also played all the major…


Jeff Stevenson

Jeff is a vastly experienced comedian who has been in show business since the age of 14.  Starting out as a child actor (yes, that is him in the famous Alan Parker film ‘Bugsy Malone’!) Jeff was booked for his first paid gig at the tender age of 15. Jeff has been a top-rated comedian for over three decades and hugely enjoys performing stand-up comedy to audiences around the world. Jeff fully embraces the…


Jim Tavare

Known throughout the world as The Comic With The Double Bass “Inspired.” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Jim Tavaré is an internationally acclaimed actor and comedian with a highly distinguished career. Jim co-wrote and starred in ITV’s ‘The Sketch Show’, which won a BAFTA and syndicated worldwide. To date, ʻThe Sketch Showʼ has been remade for audiences in seven different countries. He wrote and starred in six highly acclaimed short silent…

Jimmy McGhie - Big

Jimmy McGhie

“Hilarious, self deprecating and lovable… A fantastic storyteller.” – Three Weeks A highly regarded young stand-up and comic performer, Jimmy performs on the UK and international comedy circuit to great acclaim. He is also a highly sought after TV warm-up, working for Channel 4′s Deal or No Deal, ITV’s Loose Women, BBC Three’s Two Pints and Coming of Age and Channel 5′s The Justin Lee Collins Show. Jimmy has supported…


Jo Enright

For more than a decade now the highly acclaimed comedienne Jo Enright has crafted a completely unique style of stand-up comedy.  As well as accepting numerous invitations to perform it both on television and radio, Jo also thrives on live theatre performances, for which she has won several comedy awards including the 2002 Chortle Award for ‘The Best Female Circuit Comic’ and the 2001 ‘Best Female on the Jongleurs Comedy…


John Fothergill

With his blend of cocky insults and slick banter, John Fothergill has the experience to know how to command an audience. You’re always in safe hands when this lively Geordie’s on stage, which is undoubtedly why he’s so sought-after as a compere. Safe, though, also applies to his material, which never strays too far from well-worn paths and broad stereotypes. From time to time, he does surprise with a flash…


John Gordillo

John Gordillo has appeared on “Best of the Comedy Store” (C5/Paramount). He has recently returned to stand up after a 5 year break, during which time he hosted & co-created two series of a nightly talk show for BBC 3 (“The RDA with John Gordillo”) and directed countless live comedy & theatre shows, two of which were nominated for the Perrier. In 2005 he wrote, directed & produced a Comedy Lab for Channel 4 (“Blackout”)…

John Lynn - Big

John Lynn

He may have a haircut straight out of a Seventies wedding photo, but John Lynn has a lot of old-fashioned Irish charm, too. This relaxed, conversational comic starts so low-key you wouldn’t even know he was doing material – and if you were being unkind, you might say that the initial scarcity of punchlines adds to that impression, too. But gradually he grows into to the task; the observational routines get…


John Moloney

“He shows a depth of experience and a quiet professionalism that other comedians could well learn from.” – THE INDEPENDENT John Moloney has been a professional comedian for over twenty years – and headlines at all the major Comedy Clubs around the world, including the prestigious London Comedy Store. This world-travelled comedian has delighted thousands at Festivals, Theatres, and Clubs.  From Melbourne to Edinburgh, from the prestigious Just For Laughs…


John Ryan

Edinburgh Highlight award winner “Upbeat, interesting and unique” – Carlton TV London “Genius – 5 star” – Daily Telegraph The irresistibly amiable John Ryan uses his acerbic wit and seemingly encyclopaedic knowledge of the world around him to keep any audience on their toes. His East End Irish upbringing gives him the rare ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. No stranger to either the strange or the norm,…


John Warburton

Combining one-liners, observational comedy and the occasional song, John’s routine lends itself to a wide range of clubs and audiences. John is a sure fire hit with any crowd. John has headlined comedy shows from Doncaster to Dubai, and at lots of places in-between. A regular at all the big weekend clubs around the UK, he is also available for corporate events. Recently seen on Coronation Street, as Barry Sidwell,…


Josh Howie

Josh was raised as a Buddhist, before living with Native Americans and finally settling down as a trainee Rabbi. At least that was the plan until he was kicked off the program for getting caught with a naked (non- Jewish) girl. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would go on to become a stand-up comic. Performing regularly at all the major comedy clubs around the UK, so far this year…


Josie Long

“One of Britain’s bright new hopes of the comedy scene” – Sunday Times Josie Long is a one off. Often described as a unique voice in comedy, she is one of the best respected comedians of her generation. She started stand-up at 16, winning the BBC New Comedy Award and coming 2nd in So You Think You’re Funny at 17. After leaving University Josie supported Stewart Lee on his national…


Junior Simpson

“A vigorous raconteur and vibrant mimic with lots to say. Watch that Man!” – The Guardian With his infectious energy and huge stage presence it is easy to see why Junior Simpson is a circuit favourite. Simpson has a boundless joy and exuberance that has audiences hooked with hilarity. A true observational comic Simpson finds his humour in the everyday and humdrum with anecdotes of his world travels as a…


Karl Spain

Karl Spain recently celebrated ten years in Stand Up comedy. In 2010 he will tour Australia as well as the U.S. and will tour South Africa in the Summer. Karl is probably best known in Ireland for his TV series Karl Spain Wants A Woman which was a huge success in that he not only got huge ratings but he also found himself a woman. In 2009 he filmed Karl…


Keith Farnan

“…If Eddie Izzard had been Irish, he’d surely have turned out a lot like Keith Farnan.” – The Scotsman “Seriously Funny” – Time Out Formerly a solicitor, Keith has performed as a stand-up all over the world, from the Boston International Comedy Festival to Hong Kong to the Middle East. He has appeared on television on the “Michael Mcintyre Comedy Roadshow” on BBC1 as well as “One Night Stand”(BBC) and…


Keith Fields

Keith Fields started his career as a street entertainer, and won the coveted title of “International Street Entertainer of The Year” in London.  He is now a headliner comedian and award-winning magician who works all around the world. He starred in his own hit show at the world famous Edinburgh Festival which later transferred to the West End of London. His television credits include Saturday Night Live, and just about…


Kerry Godliman

“A great comic who oozes personality” – EVENING STANDARD Actress and stand-up comedian Kerry Godliman burst onto the comedy scene in 2003 in Funny Women, and by 2004 was invited to perform at the Edinburgh Festival as part of BLING BLUSH & BONK with, Ava Vidal and Roisin Conaty, where she was described by Chortle as “the one to watch”.  Since then things having really taken off for Kerry. Since…


Kevin McCarthy

”The Ad Lib Expert”- The Stage Kevin Mccarthy has been a comedian a long while, all his life infact. But only in the late eighties did he make it his career. He started purely by accident, getting on stage as an open spot at the infamous “Tunnel Club” in South East London purely to win a dare. A truck driver at the time with his own business, comedy became a…

Lloyd Langford - Big

Lloyd Langford

A prolific writer and performer, Lloyd Langford is proving himself to be a highly sought after act with his striking combination of natural wit undercut with a playful curiosity. Born in Wales but currently living in London, Langford’s act is an ever-evolving mixture of personal anecdotes, memorable one-liners and topical material. “A lugubrious Welshman with a knack of turning out juicy one-liners, Langford is a rising star.” – The Guardian…

Louis Ramey - Big

Louis Ramey

Louis is an award winning comic who is definitely prime time. He has performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ABC Daytime’s “The View” and has had his own half hour comedy special, Comedy Central Presents: Louis Ramey”. College campuses voted him “Campus Entertainer of the year for both 2006 and 2007. In 2008, he was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Since then he’s done quit a…


Mandy Knight

“Inspired comedy” – Time Out Once described as “as frisky as a terrier on heat”, Mandy Knight is a true dame of British stand-up comedy. The first female comedian to compere that bastion of old-school stand-up The Comedy Store, our Mandy has been breaking down barriers all her life. After a traumatic childhood of abuse and social uncare, she attended the famous Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. After becoming…


Mandy Muden

Awarded Magic Circle Carlton Award for Comedy in Magic 2007 Associate of the Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star “The digitally enhanced magic of the superb Mandy Muden” – Evening Standard “Imagine a sexy Tommy Cooper minus the Fez” – Evening Standard Stand-Up and Cabaret: Mandy is one on her own. The only woman ever to combine Comedy and Magic on the UK Comedy and Corporate circuits. She has a…


Mark Maier

Talented award-winning writer and stand-up, Mark Maier, is an established and highly sought after performer on both the national and international comedy circuits. He has worked the comedy clubs of Germany, Holland, Ireland, Hong Kong, The Bahamas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and has also appeared at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and Caroline’s in New York Amongst his many credits, Mark has taught and performed improvisation with…


Markus Birdman

“uniquely talented, demonstrates just how it’s done.” – The Evening Standard Markus is one of comedy’s most versatile performers and writers. A vicar’s son who delights in debunking conventional wisdom with a joyous combination of erudition and mischief, his wonderful performances are an object lesson in how to do stand-up. He has now repeatedly performed over the years at the Edinburgh Festival to great success, and is being booked for…

Martin Coyote - Big

Martin Coyote

For eight years Martin Coyote has been a pivotal member of the Comedy Store’s flagship topical show, The Cutting Edge. He is a prolific writer of challenging and thought provoking gags. Exuding a warmth and laddish charm, he generates an equally glowing response from his audiences. They genuinely like him. Even the most hardened hecklers seek his approval. His talents are diverse. Equally at home with the mainstay circuit gigs…


Matt Green

Matt has been performing stand up comedy since June 2003, and has appeared at venues all over London and throughout the UK. In February 2005 Matt was placed second at the Final of the prestigious Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Awards. Matt was a semi-finalist in the 2004 So You Think You’re Funny and Laughing Horse New Act competitions, and performed in the Amused Moose Comedy Hot Starlets…


Matt Kirshen

London born Matt Kirshen’s precision wit has earned him an impressive reputation on the international comedy circuit. Most recently his appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Paul Provenza’s Green Room, and as a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing has earned him a whole new host of fans in the United States and a surprising number of other countries worldwide. He has…


Matt Welcome

Matt started life as a fertilised egg in his mother’s womb. He was born in a one way cul-de-sac a stone’s throw away from the wrong side of the tracks on the edge of the outskirts of a one horse town with no name More recently Matt took a bit of time off from the comedy circuit to ‘find himself’ and to ‘catch up on his reminiscing’, “I thought I…


Matthew Hardy

“Matthew Hardy is a very very funny comedian” – Peter Kay Matthew Hardy is a respected Australian author and comedian, with English citizenship who has been living in London since early 2011, and who has already appeared on Newsnight, where he had Kirsty Wark in stitches. Once settled in England Matthew quickly became the Co-Writer of Shappi Khorsandi’s acclaimed Radio 4 series ‘Shappi Talk’ (‘Fresh and incisive, but warmly inclusive…

Men of War - Big

Men of War

Men of War are a sketch comedy troupe made up from actors and comedians, who between them have been nominated for the prestigious Perrier award and the Whatsonstage award. Individually they have a massive back catalogue of work in some of the UK’s biggest comedy shows: The IT crowd, peep show, Nathan Barley, Call me Graham Norton. As a group, their debut show at the Edinburgh festival was a complete…


Michael Fabbri

Michael Fabbri quickly stamped his mark on the UK circuit appearing in the 2003 final of Channel 4’s So You Think You’re Funny? and rapidly earned a reputation as one of the most promising up and coming comedians on the circuit.  A reputation that he is living up to, regularly performing for the best clubs in the country. With a dark and honest approach to some of life’s more touchy…


Michael Smiley

Formally a House Music DJ, Smiley’s humour is derived from Club Culture which he observes, dissects and belittles. His Belfast upbringing plays a strong part in his routine, ranging from family foibles all the way to religious bigotry. He’s not so much the boy-next-door, as the squatter downstairs. As a stand up comedian, Smiley’s talents are now well established both in the UK and abroad. No stranger to the Edinburgh…


Mick Ferry

“Awesome stand up” – BBC Mick Ferry is renowned as a fine purveyor of lugubrious surrealism and has quickly established himself as one of the most sought after comics on the British and International comedy circuit. One of the finest comperes around, Mick Ferry performs regularly at The Comedy Store in London and Manchester as well as headlining at comedy venues nationwide.  He is also a regular member of the prestigious…


Mick Miller

Mick was born, Michael Lawton, in Liverpool, in 1950. After several jobs, and a close big-time call in football, and a spell in Israel, working on a Kibbutz, Mick found comedy after working at Pontins as a sports speaker, by listening to the visiting comedians. For Pontins he was allowed to work on his comedy act and develop it further. His act improved and he soon became in demand. His…


Mickey Hutton

Newcastle born Mickey Hutton started his performing career as a musician, playing guitar in the wonderful world of the northern working men’s clubs. He moved to London to do session work and released two singles with his band Strength on BMG Arista which flopped harder than a fat bloke in the baths. It was then he discovered the Comedy Store and decided to try his hand at stand up comedy.…


Mike Gunn

“One of the top ten stand-ups in the country” – The Independent Mike Gunn’s history is as interesting and entertaining as his comedy.  As a child the young Gunn was more interested in doing projects on implements of torture than playing football.  A misspent youth and a series of grim jobs cultivated his cynical outlook on life and a perverse desire led him to the world of stand-up.  A self-confessed…


Miles Crawford

“Pure comic talent” – The Times. Miles is a versatile television presenter and popular warm up artist, stand-up comedian & host within the comedy & corporate circuits.  Miles performs at many venues around the UK and has hosted overseas tours of Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore – and has even entertained the British troops on tours of Army bases in Bosnia, The Falklands, Kuwait and Belize. “A guaranteed copper bottomed…


Mitch Benn

MITCH BENN is not only one of the most sought-after acts on the comedy circuit but is widely acknowledged as one of the best writer/performers of comic songs in the country. Mitch began his comedy career in Edinburgh in 1994. He moved to London in 1996 and quickly established himself as a comedy club “headliner” as well as a favourite on the university circuit. Mitch is a regular writer and…


Neil Delamere

“No TV camera could accurately measure the lightning speed of Delamere’s wit” – Irish Times Neil Delamere is one of the top acts working in the Irish comedy scene today, best known to audiences for his regular appearances on RTE’s The Panel and BBC’s The Blame Game. He has presented Neil Delamere’s Just For Laughs and the Republic of Telly as well as featuring on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Stand…


Nick Doody

“Some of the best political material I have heard in a while…comic genius” – THE SCOTSMAN Nick Doody is one of brightest talents on the comedy circuit. Sharp and topical – he’s not afraid to say what he thinks; his brand of political comedy and satire has won him fans all over the country…in fact all over Twitter as well, where he’s polled as one of the influential names in…

Nick Helm

Nick Helm

NOMINEE LEICESTER COMEDY FESTIVAL BEST SHOW 2011 NOMINEE CHORTLE BEST BREAKTHROUGH ACT 2011 DAVE’S TOP 10 STAND-UPS TO CATCH IN 2011 Since starting stand-up comedy in 2007, the talented and enthusiastic Nick Helm is quickly gaining attention from across the industry for his unique, powerful and above all hilarious blend of one-liners, stories, poems and songs. In addition, he is also a strong, energetic compere. In 2010, Nick headed up…


Nick Stein

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, getting married, celebrating a birthday, anniversary or organising a corporate function, Nick Stein is the perfect choice for your event. Nick is widely considered one of the best in his field. He has performed his mind-blowing act all around the world and has entertained audiences from small gatherings to large crowds of over a thousand people. Nick has performed as a resident magician…


Nick Wilty

“Just three adjectives to describe Wilty – brilliant, brilliant and brilliant.” – Chortle “Unmissable” – Time Out You only have to look at Nick Wilty to know that he’s got something to say. And fortunately his comedy is as sharp as he looks. Nick is known as the “Globetrotting Comedian” for good reason. He has performed on every continent except Antarctica (although he did a show in Tierra Del Fuego!),…

Ninia Benjamin

Ninia Benjamin

“The Comedy Assassin” – The Voice Ninia Benjamin is one of the UK’s hottest female comedians with a wealth of television, stage and live stand-up experience. Ninia was catapulted to stardom as one third of BBC3’s 3 Non-Blondes, which later transferred to BBC2 and BBC America before going to a second series, shown internationally. From this, her talents have been showcased across all the major UK channels in a variety…


Noel Britten

Noel Britten’s award winning comedy (Winner: Hackney Empire New Act of the Year 1996 and Ha Bloody Ha New Act of the Year 1996), has earned him a solid reputation for comedy excellence on the circuit and beyond. From the outset Noel was described as “the country’s finest emerging stand-up talent” (Comedy Review Magazine) and throughout his career in which he has notched up 7 years of solid experience he…


Norman Lovett

Born in Windsor, Berkshire, Norman was well into his thirties before he decided to become a stand-up comedian. He played the original Comedy Store many times and even supported the Clash, one of the personal highlights of his career. Television and radio followed a few years later, bringing with it the role for which he is best known, that of “Holly“, the ships’ computer in the BBC hit sitcom Red…


Otiz Cannelloni

Madness, mime, magic & mirt Otiz Cannelloni combines the illusion of magic and the wit of stand up to produce a hybrid comic creation. With a mind more suited to testing crash helmets, his performance fluctuates between sheer genius and downright stupidity. Just when you suspect he doesn’t have a clue, Cannelloni removes all doubt. When this man is on stage the dressing room empties, as the rest of the…


Owen O’Neill

Owen O’Neill is an award winning stand-up comedian, writer and actor. He made his stand-up TV debut in 1985 on Saturday Live and has since performed all over the World. “To call what he does ‘stand-up’ doesn’t do him justice. This is genuine comedy from the gut, a true original.” THE SCOTSMAN He has guested twice on Late night with Conan O’Brien. He is an annual visitor to the Edinburgh…


Paddy Lennox

“…simply a scream.” – The Telegraph Irish comedian and actor Paddy Lennox first burst on to stage as a Stand-Up in 2001 only to be interrupted with a couple of comedies at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and filming in far off lands, before returning to his new found passion. An engaging and instantly likeable comic, Paddy combines topical material with observational routines. Paddy’s had a great start to 2008, he’s…


Pam Ford

Stand-up Comedy is a passion of Pam Ford. Her life so far including: growing up in Australia; moving house 25 times!; marrying and divorcing twice; and two not so sweet Aussie kids. She has decided it’s cheaper to perform stand up than go into therapy. She is lively and outrageous, juggling both glamorous and bawdy material that would make a sailor blush. She shocks, delights and provides free counselling to…


Papa CJ

Papa CJ is an established international comedian with over 800 shows under his belt. He is widely recognised as the global face of cutting-edge Indian stand-up comedy and represented the country on Last Comic Standing on NBC in 2008. From the thousands of comedians who took part, he was ranked as one of the top ten acts in the world. He is a New Delhi-born, Sanawar-schooled, Calcutta-bred and Oxford-educated stand-up…

Pat Cahill

Pat Cahill

Combining off-beat jokes with songs about dying pets and choice fatigue, Cahill unpretentiously surreal and absurd outlook has seen him win numerous awards and secured him firmly in the one to watch category. “This quirky performer has true star quality and bags of originality, mixing physical humour, gimmicks, wordplay and comedy songs. Imagine a cross between Sean Lock and Eddie Izzard and you might be getting somewhere, but nowhere close.”…


Paul Kerensa

Winner of ITV1’s Take the Mike Award 2002 and finalist in Daily Telegraph Award, Wilkinson Sword Award and BBC New Comedy Award 2002, Paul regularly gigs all over the UK. Venues include Comedy Store, Banana Cabaret, Glee Club, Komedia and various corporate events. He also supported Men In Coats on their recent national tour. He has been described as “Ingenious” by The Evening Standard and “F***ing funny” by Ricky Gervais.…


Paul Thorne

Paul Thorne is one of Britain’s most established and sought-after stand-ups. As well as performing at all of the UK’s major comedy venues and festivals he can be seen weekly at London’s Comedy Store as a member of The Cutting Edge team of comedians who perform topical material based on the week’s news. In addition to performing all over Europe Paul has taken his unique brand of comedy as far…


Pete Cain

When he was lazy, he was very lazy but now he’s dark, very dark. Pete Cain ambled onto the comedy scene in 2002 with his “lazy man” routine, managing to reach the semi-finals of ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ with his second ever gig and only narrowly missing out on the final. He immediately put audiences at ease with his laid-back, couldn’t give a monkeys approach. The dry, intelligent and…


Pete Johansson

2010 Chortle Breakthrough Act Nominee 2009 Edinburgh Best Newcomer Nominee “BY FAR THE BREAKOUT PERFORMER THIS YEAR AT JUST FOR LAUGHS BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY MADE MY LIST OF BEST JOKES OF THE FEST, TWICE!” – The Montreal Gazette Awesomely funny! Irreverent, brilliant, and smooth like fine jazz. Catching Johansson perform is a trip… You can’t guess where he is going, but you die with laughter when he gets there. “ONE…


Phil Butler

“Phil Butler’s got it all … unique, original and hilarious” – The Stage and Television Today “Without doubt, one of the most exciting and original finds in comedy in recent years” – The Guardian Phil Butler has always been a popular act, even in the early days when he was serving his apprenticeship in holiday parks, end of the pier shows, pantos and cruise ships. These were happy times for…


Phil Nichol

Phil Nichol is a truly unique performer. An acclaimed actor, award winning comedian, producer, presenter, writer and musician there is no end to his talent. Phil is an energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work.  His skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalled.  With a surreal edge to some of his mischievous rantings Nichol always…

Philberto - Big


The creation of Milo McCabe, Philberto is a character said to be Portugal’s top reality TV star, who shot to fame on a show called Live On The Floor For A Month. Philberto has been enjoying the English comedy circuit for the past two years, during which time he has established himself as a headline act. A regular at Jongleurs, The Comedy Store, The Comedy Cafe and a favourite at…


Pierre Hollins

The only other ‘proper jobs’ he’s ever had were washing dishes in the House of Commons, labouring on a gas pipe line in Qatar, in the Middle East, and teaching drama to the mentally ill. He has been an audience favourite on the comedy circuit for many years, and has headlined at clubs throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In the early days he worked as a…

Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon

‘Cute, Inspired and Very Funny‘ – Time Out. Edinburgh Fringe Favourite, Piff the Magic Dragon is an award-winning stand up act, combining delightfully deadpan charm and stunning magic. He has appeared in the West End as part of La Soiree (formerly La Clique), embarked on a sell-out run in Australia, and is currently on a fifty-date UK theatre tour as part of An Evening of Burlesque, selling over 30,000 tickets…

Pippa Evans

Pippa Evans

“The finest female character comic around” – Time Out In 2008, Pippa Evans enjoyed an incredibly successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival where her debut solo show, Pippa Evans and Other Lonely People, was nominated for the if.comedy Best Newcomer Award. The show, in which Pippa played a number of different characters who form a self-help group offering their stories and opinions on loneliness, was a hit with audiences and critics alike,…



“An act to watch out for…” – Time Out Stand-up, presenter, actor and compere, Quincy hosts his own live chat show, is a TV warm-up (BBC’s Blouse and Skirts) and has presented on BBC1 Xtra and Klymaxx FM. His live comedy work includes weekends at The Comedy Store, regular weekends at Jongleurs and Jongleurs On The Road, and comedy clubs up and down the country and abroad, headlining and compering.…


Raymond & Mr Timpkins Revue

Drawn together by the irresistible force of showbiz in the mid nineteen eighties, Raymond and Mr Timpkins first chose to show off aboard the Portsmouth based pop band, ‘Uncle Barneys Atomic Wobblers’, until the natural forces of attrition bore down and the band distilled to the current ruggedly handsome duo. Cutting their teeth compering and performing in Comedy and Variety nights at The Wedgewood Rooms in Southsea, the nineties wafted…


Raymond Mearns

Raymond Mearns has been a full time Comedian and Actor since June 2003! Prior to this he had done comedy part time whilst working as a Communciations Sales Manager for Arthur McKay based in Edinburgh. Notable credits up till that point included: 1996 – Trial by Night (STV) – Studio Guest 1997 – The Big Big Talent Show (ITV) – Contestant 1998 – Part of “Troy” in “Home” – BAFTA…


Ria Lina

“Lina is a musical comic with a brilliant line in bawdy songs… storming set!” – Evening Standard Winner of the EMMA Award for Best Comedienne 2003, Ria Lina makes an impact with her dry wit and bawdy ukulele songs.  Having been a regular in stand-up comedy for the past 10 years both in the UK and abroad, she returns to the circuit after a short family break. Recent projects include…

Ria Lina

For over a decade Ria has been entertaining both UK and international audiences with her dry wit and the occasional song. Her charm and intelligence allows her to get away with anything from the most audacious routines to subtle wordplay. A versatile performer she can as easily MC as headline, and has been seen at clubs around the world from Glasgow to Singapore, Seattle to Australia. EDINBURGH Ria has been a regular…


Richard Morton

‘A great stand up. Audiences laughed longer and louder at Morton than any other act on the Fringe’ – Sunday Times Stand up comedian, singer, songwriter and Time Out Comedy Award winner. With his comedy songs, Richard has built up a formidable reputation as a live act, and completed several major UK tours supporting the likes of Jack Dee, Lee Evans, Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard and Phill Jupitus, and is…


Rick Right

“The Rock & Roll Comic”, Rick Right is a unique comic and musical talent who stands in a class by himself. With the uncanny ability to sing and play any song that has been a major hit over the past 50 years, even if he has never played it before, Rick has observations and sly-as-you-like sardonic witticisms to undermine every artist that deserves it. No artist who has ever charted,…

Rob Beckett - Big

Rob Beckett

Rob started performing stand-up in 2009 and quickly enjoyed success in all of the new comedian competitions winning 4 competitions in his first year. Consistently impressive performances in these competitions, culminated in Rob finishing as a runner up in So You Think You’re Funny and winning the Amused Moose Laugh Off which earned him an invite to perform at Comedy festivals in Australia. At this festival in Adelaide Rob was…


Rob Deering

“Truly wonderful stand-up.” – The Sunday Times Rob spent the first twelve years of his life in West London, living near Heathrow Airport. Woo-hoo! His primary school was progressive, and it is unclear whether this environment was what led to his understated but deep-rooted dislike of authority and resistance to proper jobs. They certainly didn’t drum it out of him. At twelve, Rob’s extrovert nature and love of a good…


Rob Heeney

‘Deluded genius’ – Johnny Vegas Over the last decade, Rob Heeney has established a reputation as one of the top comics working the UK circuit today.  His style is a blend of bitterness, playfulness and cynicism wrapped up in a blanket of charm. Originating from Douglas, Isle of Man, where he was born one Christmas Eve, you’d think this qualified Chemical Physicist, trained Systems Analyst, former Taxi Driver and International…


Roger Monkhouse

“his laconic delivery shields an engaging persona and an enquiring mind” – The Guardian Roger Monkhouse is one of the most original and distinctive acts on the comedy scene.  A consummate stand-up who employs a deadly combination of charm and menace to exert a masterful control over any audience.  A highly original and quirky performer, Roger’s trademark stage-prowling style and curious, inimitable manner have established him as one of the…

Rory OHanlon

Rory O’Hanlon

A regular face on Irish TV, featured on RTE’s New Comedy Awards, Republic of Telly alongside Des Bishop in Under the Influence. A veteran of stage at Edinburgh Fringe, including performances in The Stand’s ‘Best of Irish’ show, while also appearing at both Glasgow and Cardiff Comedy Festivals. Rory recently starred in the short film Spring Clean, which reached the final of the 2013 Virgin Short Film Awards Performing both…

Rudi Lickwood

Rudi Lickwood

As the top black comedian on the UK comedy circuit, Rudi Lickwood is far more than just a stand-up. Rudi’s recent achievements including earning his status in the ‘Black 100+’ awards for the greatest Black British Achievers, picking up a BECA award for outstanding contribution to comedy, and taking up a high profile request for Rudi to host an exclusive Brit Awards after-show party. With a super confident playful personality…

Sally-Anne Hayward

Sally-Anne Hayward

Sally-Anne Hayward combines the things you shouldn’t like about your best friend’s mum with the sensibilities of Jack the Ripper. She grew up to reject dizzy incompetence and feminine wiles for a disarming mix of ingratiating charm and unsettling pugnacity that gets more laughs than a hyaena’s dawn rally. (That’s an anagram by the way. Check it out). An accomplished radio presenter with stage and TV acting credentials (‘Absolutely Fabulous’…

Scott Capurro

Scott Capurro

“Brilliantly outrageous” – The Scotsman Scott regularly plays almost every comedy club in the English speaking world, including the Punchline in San Francisco, the Comedy Store in London, the Comic Strip in New York City, and Yuk Yuks in Toronto, Canada. He’s been banned from Australia, because of a mishap with a person of diminutive stature, but that debt will be settled if Perth will wield its power as both…

Sean Collins

Sean Collins

Sean honed his unique storytelling style over 20 years.  In 2000, his hard work and determination led to his receiving two prestigious Canadian Comedy Award nominations for ‘Best Male Stand Up’ & for his half-hour ‘Comic’s Comedy Special’ on CBC. In 2002, CTV gave Sean his first hour-long television special as part of their ‘Comedy Now’ series and, building on this momentum, he performed a gala set at the Just…

Sean Meo

Sean Meo

“Surreal, sexy…and very,very funny” – Evening Standard A former professional snooker player, he turned to a career in comedy in 1989.  Now Sean is widely acknowledged, including being a former Time Out Comedian Of The Year, as one of the finest performers and writers on the UK comedy circuit. From hosting The Max Power Awards to thousands of people on open air stages at Brands Hatch and Oulton Park to…

Sean Percival

Sean Percival

“He’s not surreal, He’s not wacky, He’s just bloody funny” – What’s On. Sean’s brand of comedy steers clear of the surreal and confronts realism in an explosively funny way. Hailing from the Black Country, Sean is an ex-welder from Dudley whose act is down to earth but bang up to date with its upfront attitude. A festival favourite, he has performed at the Edinburgh, Glastonbury and Reading Festivals, and…

Shazia Mirza

Shazia Mirza

“Her laconic one-liners represent something quite unique in modern comedy.” – The Guardian Revered, applauded, loved and reviled Shazia Mirza is an award-winning comedian and columnist, as much recognised for her literary prowess as she is for her unique comedic talents. A trained biochemist, Shazia was born and educated in Birmingham – the daughter of first-generation Pakistani immigrants. Raised in a strict Muslin family envoiroment, Shazia relunctanly pursued a career…



Liverpudlian-in-exile Silky has been a full time comedian for half his life. He did his first gig waaaaay back in 1994, and his fourth gig (the final of the 1995 BBC New Comedy Awards alongside Lee Mack, Daniel Kitson and Julian Barratt) was shown on BBC1’s Stand-Up Show. Other TV Work includes The World Stands Up (Paramount), the Comics Lounge (AUS). International work includes China, Kuwait, UAE, Singapore, the US,…

Simon B. Cotter

Simon B Cotter

Simon B. Cotter uses a healthy dose of wit, candour and charm to entertain audiences across the globe. His ability to relate intuitively with any audience has made him a favourite at clubs, universities, corporate functions and festivals. Over the years, Simon has performed at the Just For Laughs Festival, appearing on CBC-TV Galas four times, and returned for his fifth time in 2004. Simon has also appeared on CBC’s…

Simon Bligh

Simon Bligh

As a fifteen-year-old Liverpudlian schoolboy, Simon Bligh was told by his headmaster that he would go to hell. His mum wanted him to be a priest; he wanted to be a plumber. His dad was a mad Catholic Communist; he was a Kung Fu mad Buddhist. Growing up in Toxteth, his childhood was odd, but full of strange passions: Philosophy and Zen, leather trousers and motorbikes, Japan, unarmed combat and…

Simon Clayton

Simon Clayton

Simon’s former head of sixth form at Southgate School, Mr Massey wrote of him: ”Simon’s natural brightness often leads to disruptive high jinks during registration”. Simon Clayton has been a stand up comic since the summer of 1995. On stage he talks about what he is: male, fat, mixed race, married, balding and anything else that currently makes him laugh. Although not necessarily in that order. He has performed nationwide…

Simon Fox

Simon Fox

‘Seriously funny’ – The Independent Simon Fox has established himself as one of the UK’s best loved comedians. Whether in The Comedy Store, Jongleurs or further afield in Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai, his sharp material, rapid-fire delivery and relaxed stage presence have made him the ideal choice for any event. Television Credits Include: Five’s Company, Wogan, Pebble Mill at One, Jameson Tonight, Ready Steady Cook, The Jonathan Ross Show,…

Simon Lipson

Simon Lipson

Simon Lipson came into comedy in 1994 and reached the final of the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition that same year. Since then he has clocked up an impressive array of TV, radio, theatre and comedy club credits as a comedian, impressionist, actor, writer and voiceover artist. QUOTES “Awesomely talented” – Daily Telegraph “Brilliant and hilarious” – The Guardian “He hits every cue and every gag….a gifted…

Sol Bernstein

Sol Bernstein

Sol Bernstein is the comic creation of Steve Jameson, himself a top comedy performer, many years ago, and in 2003 Sol’s first solo show at the Edinburgh Festival came out to rave reviews: “One part Alf Garnett, two parts Mel Brooks and three part like nothing else you have heard. Bernstein is a great new comic creation in the making” – The Guardian “an instantly winning creation” – The Independent…

Stefano Paolini

Stefano Paolini

“the best voice merchant on the circuit is Paolini, who has done some TV but is destined for far wider exposure” – Evening Standard Since receiving the runner-up accolade in Channel 4′s So You Think You’re Funny Award 2001 and in BBC’s New Comedy Award 2002, Stefano has had a constant stream of TV and radio work, which he manages to juggle with gigging 4/5 nights a week. He’s currently…

Stephen Carlin

Stephen Carlin

Stephen Carlin was born in Scotland in 1976. He frequently claims to have made his stage debut in a school nativity play aged five. This is almost certainly untrue. It is far more likely that he made his stage debut the previous year performing magic tricks at his nursery school. No recording of that show now exists but eye witnesses recall a mesmerising turn. Carlin, sensing that the tide was…


Steve Best

Steve Best is a great visual comedian, harnessing a mind-boggling array of gadgets and gags to keep his audience in stitches. Funny, frenetic and mad, his act can feature anything from blowing up a woman and eating balloons, to cutting his hand off and doing press-ups on his willy. His unique form of slapstick comedy is backed up with astounding talent; he plays the guitar like a genius is fluent…

Steve Day

Steve Day

Steve Day describes himself as Britains only deaf comedian, if there are any others he hasn’t heard. Actually there are a couple of others who have started since he wrote that joke, but it’s only a joke after all. For the past eleven years Steve has been performing to huge laughter around the country and abroad, well they tell him the laughter was huge to humour him, he doesn’t know…

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes

Yearning for a career where men want to be you and women want to have sex with you, Steve Hughes spent his formative years in Australia as heavy metal drummer. After ten years of recording and touring Steve gave up his job as a drummer and decided to start talking to the audience. Heavy Rock bands Slaughter Lord, Mortal Sin, Nazxul, and Primordial’s losses are the comedy world’s gain. Steve…

Steve Rawlings

Steve Rawlings

Steve Rawlings brings an audience to life with his unique blend of comedy, and technical ability. From routines involving everyday objects, such as Ping-Pong ball juggling with his mouth, peacock feather balancing, and a show stopping combination of balancing bottles and glasses while juggling blazing fire torches simultaneously. Then ending with the astonishing spectacle of furniture juggling! He is the only person in the world to perform this routine, and…

Steve Royle

Steve Royle

Steve Royle is an actor, writer, comedian, juggler , and most recently became a regular presenter on BBC Radio Lancashire. His Saturday morning 10am til 1pm show means he is now a treat for both cochlea and cornea alike. He has just completed another enjoyable few months as “Special Guest” on Dave Spikey’s “Living The Dream Tour”, and even sold out his first “Steve Royle Comedy Extravaganza” show at the…

Steve Shanyaski - Big

Steve Shanyaski

Steve has rapidly established himself throughout the UK as a top choice for all of the major comedy venues & promoters, including the Comedy Store, CSE, Glee Club, and Jongleurs. His whirlwind performances and thrilling routines have constantly proven a hit with even the quietest crowds… The key to his act being his energy and silliness. He has performed his comedy throughout the world: to an audience as diverse as…

Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Much like his description of the Welsh accent, Steve Williams is a giddy mixture of friendliness and innocence. Little things amuse and excite him and he’ll tell you all about them with the enthusiasm of a small child. Soon after he started, Steve was nominated for the Chortle Award for Best Open Mic in 2002. After that Steve played comedy clubs up and down the country and in 2005 was…

Susan Murray

Susan Murray

Winner of the first ever Jongleurs competition and a seasoned regular on the circuit, Susan has emerged as one of the best female stand-ups around. Susan is working nationally; comedy store, Jongleurs, up the creek, off the kerb, banana cabaret, Lee Hurst’s Backyard, Comedy Café and internationally; Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dabi, China, Indonesia, Germany, Luxembourg, Brussels, Ireland. Her versatility means that as well as corporates and, Susan has handled biker…

The Noise Next Door New

The Noise Next Door

This charming fivesome will blow you away with their razor sharp improvised comedy, transforming audience suggestions into fantastically funny scenes and songs in the blink of an eye. “A comic masterpiece” – ThreeWeeks Taking the country by storm, The Noise Next Door continue to draw no end of superlatives from the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, plus enjoying the prestige of headlining the finest Comedy Club venues across the UK and regularly…

Tiernan Douieb - Big

Tiernan Douieb

Well, some say legend has it he was discovered playing a tiny violin under a rock on the banks of the Nile by a fisherman. This is rubbish. He can’t play the violin. He’s so unmusical he once spent two hours trying to call someone on a saxophone. Some say he was raised by bears in the forests of British Columbia. This would explain his enjoyment of honey, and excessively…

Tiffany Stevenson

Tiffany Stevenson

Finalist of ITV’s ‘Show me the Funny’ 2011 Before starting stand up in 2005 Tiffany had already worked with some of comedy’s glitterati like Ricky Gervais in The Office, John Bird in Chambers and Stephen Fry in Absolute Power. Something must have rubbed off from them, as it wasn’t long before Tiffany was making waves herself. From the Comedy Store to Glastonbury Tiffany has since made her presence felt on…

Tim Clark

Tim Clark

Tim has been a Stand-up comic for most of his adult life, and still does over two hundred shows each year. He has appeared all over Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, and most recently at the Mumbai Comedy Store. He is resident host of British Stand-Up in Bergen, Norway. On TV he was host of the classic game show Give Us A Clue (BBC 1); the sporting chat…

Tim FitzHigham

Tim FitzHigham

“a national treasure” – Chortle Perrier nominated multi-award winning comedian, explorer, quadruple world record holder, historian, archaeologist and author. Tim FitzHigham has been guest speaker at many events, including London Livery Companies: The Grocers, Joiners and Ceilers, Basketmakers and the Company of Waterman and Lighterman of the River Thames. He has been guest speaker for London’s Alderman both at Guildhall and Trinity House and for the Princes Trust Charity Lunch…

Tom Price - Big

Tom Price

“Outstanding” – The Evening Standard Tom Price bounds on stage full of energy and audiences warm immediately to his puppy-like charm and sense of fun. He so clearly loves what he’s doing! His interaction with the audience as MC is warm and inclusive and his ability to think on his feet and work the crowd is simply stunning. Tom’s material is charming & self effacing, but with a very wicked…

Tony Law

Tony Law

“hugely entertaining” – Time Out Like a rolling ball of funny with bits flying out of it, Tony Law’s infectious comedy will leave you stranded in a hilarious field of ideas. Half Canadian, half Trinidadian, Tony has been busy working hard on the circuit and creating a buzz for himself as one of the most exciting new comedy propositions around. His laid back acid casualty approach, combined with scorching jokes…

Trevor Crook

Trevor Cook

Trevor began his career at the Sydney Comedy Store in 1991, he received his first booking in just two months, his first television performance in six and capped off that first year by winning the Sydney Comic of the Year competition. Within 18 months he was headlining regularly at the Comedy Store and touring with the likes of Jimeoin, Ben Elton and David Strassman. His television career also blossomed, performing…

Yianni Agisilaou

Yianni Agisilaou

A “sparklingly intelligent and very funny” man (Chortle), through hard work and quality output Yianni has accumulated an impressive list of achievements in comedy.  His electric material, sharp improvisational mind and smooth crowd control skills also make him an in-demand MC at clubs worldwide. Beginning stand up in 2000 by winning an open mic competition at his first gig, Yianni was quickly awarded ‘Best New Act’ in 2001 by university…

  • Abandoman - Small
  • Alex-Horne-153x200
  • Alun-Cochrane1-450x198
  • Big Howard Little Howard - Small
  • Dominic-Holland1
  • Hal-Cruttenden1-300x198
  • Imran Yusuf
  • Jarred Christmas - Small
  • Jeff Green
  • Jo-Caulfield1-487x198
  • Jon-Richardson1
  • Kevin Connelly - Small
  • Lucy-Porter11
  • Nathan Caton - Small
  • OLE2-500x198
  • Patrick-Monahan1-940x198
  • Paul-Tonkinson11
  • Paul-Zenon1-400x198
  • Pete-Firman11
  • Philip-Hammond-Dr11
  • Richard-Blackwood-153x200
  • Rob Rouse - Small
  • Roy Walker - Small
  • Sammy J
  • Seann-Walsh
  • Stephen Grant
  • The Axis of Awesome
  • The Boy withTape on his Face
  • Tom OConnor
  • Zoe Lyons


In high demand are these very talented corporate comedians, skilled in performing to any crowd no matter what the event. Each of these artists has perfected their material in every major comedy circuit all across the world, many having their own national tours, as well as repeated radio & TV credits.

With extensive experience entertaining corporate & private clients they are the consummate after-dinner comedians.

  • Adam Hills
  • Andi-Osho1-300x198
  • Barry Cryer - Small
  • Bobby-Davro1-200x198
  • Dave Spikey
  • David-ODoherty1-259x198
  • Doc Brown - Small
  • Ed-Byrne1-199x198
  • fred macauley
  • Gina-Yashere1-226x198
  • Gyles-Brandrethsm1
  • Henning-Wehn1-400x198
  • Isy-Suttie1-354x198
  • Jason-Byrne-new
  • Jeremy-Hardy1-312x198
  • Josh-Widdicombe-153x200
  • Justin Moorhouse - Small
  • Lee Hurst - Small
  • Les-Dennis1-196x198
  • Marcus Brigstocke - Small
  • Mark-Steel1-160x198
  • Mike Wilmot
  • Miles-Jupp-153x200
  • Milton-Jones1-300x198
  • Nina-Conti1-300x198
  • Paul-Chowdhry1-250x198
  • Paul-Sinha1-357x198
  • Paul-Zerdin1-300x198
  • Ricky-Grover1-400x198
  • Rufus Hound - Small
  • Russell Kane
  • Shappi Khorsandi
  • Simon Evans
  • Stephen K Amos - Small
  • Stewart-Francis1
  • Susan Calman - Small
  • Terry Alderton
  • Tom Stade - Small
  • Tom Wrigglesworth


For the larger events the Gold Level act is always a great choice. With experience born from years in the industry, and from incredible natural talent these acts are now some of the best comedians around, with a growing national recognition to match.

With reams of radio, TV and often major film credits to their name they are now recognisable faces by the general public, and any tours are always sold out on a scale few but the best can beat.

These acts guarantee a brilliant comic performance for any audience.

  • Alan Davies - Small
  • Alexander Armstrong - Small
  • Andy Parsons
  • Bradley-Walsh1-273x198
  • Chris Addison
  • Dara OBriain
  • Greg-Davies1-350x198
  • Hugh-Dennis1
  • Ian Hislop
  • Jack-Whitehall1-347x198
  • Jim-Jeffries11
  • Jimmy-Carr1-298x198
  • Jimmy-Tarbuck1-300x198
  • Jo-Brand1-250x198
  • Johnny Vegas
  • Jon-Culshaw1-200x198
  • Kevin-Bridges1-284x198
  • Mark Watson
  • Omid-Djalili-153x200
  • Patrick Kielty
  • Phil-Jupitus-153x200
  • Reginald-D.-Hunter1-300x198
  • rhod-gilbert
  • Rich-Hall1
  • Rob-Brydon1-303x198
  • Romesh Ranganthan - Small
  • Rory-Bremner1-200x198
  • Ross Noble
  • Sarah Millican
  • Sean Lock
  • Simon Amstell
  • Tim Vine
  • Tommy-Tiernan


If Platinum artists are big, then the Diamond acts are just that step beyond. These artists are the flavour of the day/month/year!

Through brilliant and wonderful comic abilities they are now recognised up and down the country, and are rarely off our TV screens, radios, or cinemas.

Once you see the names & faces you will know that with the right budget you can have an artist that will really create the ultimate ‘WOW’ factor.

  • Al Murray
  • Alan Carr - Small
  • Alistair McGowan
  • Ardal OHanlon
  • Bill Bailey
  • Dame Edna
  • Danny Bhoy
  • Derren Brown
  • Eddie Izzard - Small
  • Frankie Boyle
  • Graham Norton
  • Harry-Hill1-280x198
  • Jack Dee
  • Jason-Manford1-712x198
  • Joe-Pasquale11
  • John-Bishop1-347x198
  • Lee Mack - Small
  • Lenny Henry
  • Michael-McIntyre11
  • Micky-Flanagan1-361x198
  • Patrick-McGuinness-153x200
  • Paul-Merton-Chums1
  • Peter-Kay1-320x198


These acts really sell themselves. Some of the very best corporate comedians in the country with few to match them for skill and experience.

These highly sought-after household names, with their wonderful comedy minds, have more TV, radio, & film appearances then one can shake a stick at.

As a result they will be the star of any corporate event or private party!

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