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"For over five years they organised our comedy club, providing a knowledgeable, friendly and professional service. With their help we grew from a small town comedy club into one of the biggest & busiest comedy clubs in the country." – Northwich Comedy Club


George Egg

George EggA hugely entertaining variety turn” – The Guardian

Wildly brandishing the worlds’ second largest briefcase containing a battery of ridiculous props, George Egg bounds onto the stage to perform one of the most original, interesting, innovative, and sweetly whimsical comedy performances you are ever likely to see. He has been hailed as ‘a Tommy Cooper for the twenty first century’ and through tears of laughter you’ll see why. A true cross between alternative stand-up comedy and music hall variety.

George Egg has been a professional stand-up comedian, actor and writer for the last ten years. He has an extremely successful solo show with which he has toured in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France and of course extensively in the United Kingdom, both on the stage and on the television.

George Egg Comedy Credits

The London Palladium
The Comedy Store
Jongleurs Comedy Clubs
The Avalon Comedy Network
The Edinburgh Festival
Glastonbury International Festival of the Performing Arts
Moers Comedy Arts Festival, GERMANY
Montreux Comedy Festival, SWITZERLAND
Limburg Festival, HOLLAND
Tollwood Festival, GERMANY
The Blaue Biwel Comedy Theatre, GERMANY

George’s TV Credits (Comedy Performance)

Late Night Live, ITV
House of Fun, ITV
Funny Business, ITV
Red Velvet, Channel 4
Jim Tavare Show, FIVE
Schmidteinander, GERMANY
A Quien Se L’Ocurre, SPAIN
Rob’s Comedy Club, SWITZERLAND
Raymann is Latt, HOLLAND

George’s Acting Credits

‘The Bill’, ITV (twice)
‘Two Golden Balls’, BBC2
‘The Mouse That Teased The Wind’, Hand Hot Films
‘The Infiltrator’, HBO

George’s TV Warm-Up Experience:

George has performed as a TV Warm Up for the whole of series two of ‘Dishes’ on Channel 4, ‘Ticket to Ride’ a pilot for ITV, and ‘The 11 O’clock Show’ for Channel 4.

George Egg Writing Credits:

George Egg writes all the material for his live show, and in addition has co-written a stage show with comedian Jim Tavare, and another with comedian Martin Soan. Both shows were performed on stage in Germany with great success.

He has also written material for Jim Tavare’s Channel Five series ‘Jim Tavare’, and a number of sketches for series two of the BAFTA winning ‘The Sketch Show’ for ITV.

George Egg is currently working on a number of other projects including a game show, and a short film.

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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