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Isy Suttie

Isy SuttieThere’s much more to Isy Suttie than just Dobby. She’s a talented comedian who warms you up with her well crafted characters and songs.

Isy Suttie was born in Hull in 1978 and raised in the town of Matlock, Derbyshire near the Peak District. She attended the Guildford School of Acting where she honed her skills that are so evident today.

With a career starting in song, Isy Suttie was regional winner for composition in the Daily Telegraph Young Jazz competition in 1995 and winner of the Julian Slade Songwriting competition in 1998.

Isy Suttie took to acting and comedy in the mid 2000s, performing in the stand up showcase ‘The Comedy Zone’ at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe. That same year she was nominated for a Chortle Award for best newcomer.

In 2006 she returned to Edinburgh, acting in Danielle Ward’s Take A Break Tales. The following year, Isy took the plunge into solo performance with her show ‘Love Lost in the British Retail Industry’ and also in 2008 with ‘The Suttie Show’.

Isy Suttie brings tales of middle England to the stage through characters and songs that make you feel all warm and cosy inside and at the same time give you an insight into the minds of the middle class.

Coming across like an indie Victoria Wood, a comparison that Isy is more than flattered by, she recounts the thoughts of the fictional villagers, who will burn men just for being a stranger and carrying a gnome, on the assumption that he must be a paedophile and therefore live on the Isle Of Wight and others who lay claim to supermarket aisles as their place to dance.

Isy also won’t hesitate to use the ramblings of her mother, who writes to her daughter with all the gossip of the council leaflet.

Best known for her portrayal of Dobby, the IT misfit and one time love interest of Mark Corrigan in the award winning Peep Show, Isy was nominated for Best Female Newcomer at the 2008 British Comedy Awards for the role.

She has also acted in Channel 4′s The Incredible Will and Greg and BBC2′s The Trouble With Love. Isy Suttie uses her vocal talents on a number of voice-over programmes too, on CBBC, BBC1′s Walk On The Wild Side and Channel 4′s Penelope Princess of Pets.

In addition to this, Isy is an accomplished writer, working on Out To Lunch on Radio 2, The Now Show and The Alternative Women’s Institute on Radio 4 and, most notably, as a comedy consultant for Channel 4′s teen drama Skins.

Musical comedy is a difficult art to pull off. Isy Suttie achieves laughs all round without ever forcing it. Her warm comedy is akin to an evening in front of the fire, albeit with a somewhat sinister undercurrent.

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