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"Top service received from Purple Cactus from start to finish - knew exactly what I wanted and the comedian who was recommended was extremely funny too which is always a bonus!” – Welcome break


James Dowdeswell

A quirky impressionist with very funny material.” – The Times

James Dowdeswell is a real master of the comedian’s craft.” – Chortle

James is an imaginative storytelling comedian who delivers gags from a slightly absurd observational standpoint. He is a headline act at most top UK comedy clubs. His comedy has travelled as far as Shanghai, Dubai, Doha, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Phuket, Australia and Singapore.

Dowdeswell has appeared in Ricky Gervais’ Extras, The World Stands Up, Edinburgh And Beyond on the Paramount Comedy Channel. This year he has starred in Chaos – a TV sketch show pilot, Rekindle – a short film, and is currently filming his own comedy show about wine called “James Dowdeswell – Black Belt In Wine.”


James Dowdeswell is a real master of the comedian’s craft, being able to almost seamlessly layer joke upon joke to form this wonderful and often hilarious one-man show. It is a genuine pleasure to be in the company of this master gag smith for an hour, an experience that few should really pass up.” – Chortle

Intelligent and inventive” – The List

This is feel good comedy with a capital F. If he isn’t a sell out I’ll eat my hat.” – Three Weeks

James Dowdeswell combines comic characters and sketch comedy in a potentially intoxicating cocktail of revolutionary stand-up. Only Steve Coogan or Harry Enfield (or perhaps Marcus Brigstocke) were ever this inventive so early in their careers. See a future star in the making.” – The Glasgow Herald

James Dowdeswell is very addictive.” – Sunday Times

Witty one liners and extended pieces – like Eminem rapping Shakespeare – proved a triumph” – Venue Magazine

The crowd adored him, in no small part due to his honesty and natural presence on stage, and I think we all came out of the auditorium feeling that we’d actually got to know someone, as well as being entertained.” - Three Weeks


Extras (BBC)
Chaos (Sketch Show Pilot)
The World Stands Up (Paramount)
Edinburgh and Beyond (Paramount)
Roadrunner (BBC Pilot)
Jamie Cullum Video
Rekindle (Short Film)
Why Did The Chicken (HTV Wales)
The Wine Squad – Channel 31, Australia


James is regular at both the Edinburgh Festival and Melbourne International Comedy


My Grandad Was A Clown And Those Are Big Shoes To Fill (The Stand 2010 &     Trades Hall, MICF 2010)
When I Grow I Want To Be Kenny Everett & Other Stories (Edinburgh, 2009)
No More Mr Nice Guy (The Underbelly 2008, Trades Hall, MICF 2009)
WINE (The Underbelly 2007)
7   (Gilded Balloon 2005)
Dowdesworld   (Pleasance Courtyard – 2003)
Dunlop & Dowdeswell  (The Underbelly – 2002)
The Big Value Show   (The Café Royal – 2001)

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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