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"Purple Cactus helped us make our event spectacular! With continuous support & a clear knowledge of their client base and a good understanding of our requirements enabled them to find us a perfect comedian at our event!" – Belfor


Jim Jeffries

Australian born Jim Jefferies is brash, crude, loud and darn hilarious. He’s appeared on countless TV shows, toured his comedy around the world and even released his own live DVD, Contraband. He’s hit the big time.

His confrontational style has had audiences in Canada, South Africa, the UK and across Asia and the rest of Europe in stitches.

Jim gets away with jokes that most comedians wouldn’t touch due to his ability to both charm and offend the crowd through equal measures.

In 2005 Jim wowed audiences at The Montreal ’Just for Laughs’ Festival where he was performing in the highly acclaimed Nasty Show.

Jim garnered one of the biggest press articles at the festival and was also moved above 2 of America’s cult comics as neither could follow his storming performances. In 2007 he was asked back to the festival this time to do a solo week, which sold out every night.

In 2006 Jim made his return to the Edinburgh Festival with his solo show titled The Second Coming which not only received rave reviews and numerous other press articles about his show, it sold out the whole run and he also managed to wind up Christian Voice as well. Hoorah!

In 2007 Jim’s Edinburgh festival show 30 was one off the hottest shows off the festival now earning him endless praise. The success of this show took Jim touring in America were he even supported Dennis Leary!

Its not all about filth with Jim though, he is also in constant demand for numerous TV shows. He’s managed to get himself on; Comedy Cuts, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Heaven & Earth, If.ComEddies, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, The History of Offensive Humour, Comedy Blue and even performing a clean set on The World Stands Up and Edinburgh and Beyond for none other than Comedy Central.

Most recently he began setting the US on fire and landed his own HBO special Jim Jefferies: I Swear To God, so it seems that with his roguish charm and effortless wit, Jim Jefferies is taking over the world!

PRICE BAND: Platinum Up to £20,000

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