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"Purple Cactus helped us make our event spectacular! With continuous support & a clear knowledge of their client base and a good understanding of our requirements enabled them to find us a perfect comedian at our event!" – Belfor


John Fothergill

With his blend of cocky insults and slick banter, John Fothergill has the experience to know how to command an audience. You’re always in safe hands when this lively Geordie’s on stage, which is undoubtedly why he’s so sought-after as a compere.

Safe, though, also applies to his material, which never strays too far from well-worn paths and broad stereotypes. From time to time, he does surprise with a flash of originality – and his quickfire teasing often throws up a witty bon mot that wasn’t in his script.

But his strength is in attitude, rather than his writing, as he exudes that air of being in charge that’s guaranteed to set the right atmosphere for laughter. And that can often be harder than creating perfect material.

John became a regular at Newcastle’s Comedy Café and in 1993, his first year as a comedian, he had been lucky enough to appear with the likes of Jack Dee, Lee Evans and Jo Brand but in ’94 it had become obvious that if he wanted to go any further in showbiz he would have to do a Dick Whittington, pack up his spotted hanky and head off to the land of Eastenders and poor quality football.

John has slotted into the comedy circuit like a three pinned plug combining a unique style of embarrassing sexual revelations with a rural innocence. He has also toured the nation’s universities, done two tours of Ireland and performed in Hong Kong and regularly at the Edinburgh Festival. He has appeared on every live comedy program around at the moment, and has became a regular member of the Comedy Store’s highly regarded Cutting Edge team.

Hilarious stories delivered superbly” – THE GUARDIAN

A top comedy turn and a right funny bloke..” – THE SUN

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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