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"For over five years they organised our comedy club, providing a knowledgeable, friendly and professional service. With their help we grew from a small town comedy club into one of the biggest & busiest comedy clubs in the country." – Northwich Comedy Club


Keith Fields

Keith Fields started his career as a street entertainer, and won the coveted title of “International Street Entertainer of The Year” in London.  He is now a headliner comedian and award-winning magician who works all around the world.

He starred in his own hit show at the world famous Edinburgh Festival which later transferred to the West End of London.

His television credits include Saturday Night Live, and just about every chat show in the UK.  Keith is known in comedy clubs as the magician who gets more laughs than the average comedian, and his magic is pretty cool too!

Keith Fields is truly an international performer.  He was born in the Caribbean, brought up in England, and is now living in the USA.  He is a diverse performer with the ability to play to any audience.  One minute he is a stand-up comedian, the next a hilarious prop comic; then he will smack you in the face by producing a goldfish bowl from nowhere!  He is definitely not your average comedian or your average magician!  He is more a combination of Carrot Top and John Cleese, with a touch of Tommy Cooper thrown in for good measure.

And all this is delivered with a full dose of English style and sophistication that is guaranteed to hit your funny bone.

Keith is so versatile that he performs for corporate audiences, church groups and students on college nights – always providing clean comedy and lashings of laughter.

Keith is continually in demand.  So what is his secret to being such a successful performer?

‘Everything I do in my show is done to make people laugh.  Jokes, observational stories, visual gags, audience participation, juggling tricks and magic!  If it is funny then I will do it.’

In his career spanning 30 years, he has worked in almost every conceivable venue and is always seeking out new places to perform and new audiences to perform to.


“Delightfully wacky .. bordering on the manic” - Edinburgh Evening News

“A born entertainer” - Chortle Comedy Review

See him for the way he handles an audience – he’s fast (and) he’s sharp – always entertaining” – TIME OUT

“Different Dramatic and Very Funny” – The Magic Circular

There are tough audiences out there but Fields, because of his very strong material, handles them with aplomb” – THE STAGE

An avant-garde performer… different, dramatic and very funny” – THE MAGIC CIRCLE

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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