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Les Dennis

Les Dennis is acknowledged as one of Britain’s most popular stage and TV entertainers. He has appeared in many TV productions including soap operas Brookside, Merseybeat, Casualty and the short-lived revival of Crossroads, plus Hotel Babylon and the second series of the UK Celebrity Big Brother.

As a comedian Les Dennis worked the North West social and working-men’s clubs. In 1974, he won New Faces ITV talent show and appeared on numerous light-entertainment shows. In 1982 he joined as one of the team on Russ Abbot’s Madhouse and The Russ Abbot Show before forming a comedy partnership with fellow impressionist Dustin Gee, which in turn led to a series of their own, The Laughter Show, which he carried on as a solo performer following Gee’s death. His big screen debut was in the film Intimate Relations.

As a comedian in the 1980s Dennis has appeared on numerous light-entertainment shows and worked originally as a stooge to Russ Abbott on Russ Abbott’s Madhouse before forming a successful comedy partnership with fellow impressionist, the late Dustin Gee. Following Gee’s death in 1986, he is probably best known as the host of Family Fortunes, a fifteen year run from 1987 to 2002. He has also acted in soap operas Brookside, Casualty and the short-lived revival of Crossroads. Dennis also appeared in the second series of the UK Celebrity Big Brother.

On August 11, 2005 Dennis appeared as a guest star in the BBC-series Extras starring Ricky Gervais. In this appearance, Dennis played himself and made several jokes about his career, or the lack thereof. He received praise from reviewers for being so honest and open about his career (and being willing to be the punchline of jokes about his apparent lack of success), and is even rumoured to have rejected the original script, claiming that it was too tame. This performance was also critically-acclaimed from all quarters. In September and October 2005 he appeared in Ant & Dec’s Gameshow Marathon, in which he appeared at the winners’ homes to present the prizes they had won.

In 2006, Dennis presented and performed in the BBC’s The Sound of Musicals.

In recent years he has maintained regular TV appearances both as host and actor as well as touring in numerous theatre productions ranging from Shakespeare to musicals, his latest being ’Hairspray’.

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