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Mark Steel

Following his highly acclaimed, Sony Award winning and Writers Guild Award winning Radio 4 comedy show Mark Steel’s In Town, writer and stand-up comedian Mark Steel is back on the road.

Bringing an element of Mark Steel’s In Town to each live show on this tour, means Mark will write material shedding light on the quirkiness and interesting aspects of every town and city he visits, allowing each show to be unique – something local audiences up and down the Country will devour and enjoy.

Mark Steel says of his recent Radio 4 local knowledge experiences: ‘In the North Yorkshire farming town of Skipton, I told the audience I’d seen a sign for Keighley, and wondered whether that was Skipton’s rival town. It went chillingly quiet and one woman called out with calm menace “Keighley – is a sink of evil”.’

As well as Skipton there was the Isle of Portland in Dorset, where schoolkids are given detention for saying ‘rabbit’ as the word is considered unlucky, and where a member of the audience threw a missile at the suggestion it might be said. Then there was rebellious Lewes, and downtrodden Merthyr Tydfil, where the theatre manager was asked what time the show started, and when he replied was told ‘Oh that’s a shame. I won’t be able to come to that as I’ll be drunk by then.’

And there was Boston, whose complaint that it’s been unfairly labelled as a ‘chav’ town seems compromised by the shop in its High Street called ‘It Must be Stolen’.

So as the armies unleashed by Tescos, chain stores, and assorted call centres continue in their effort to make everywhere miserably identical, I come with a mission to save civilisation. I have visited the new money Cheshire town of Wilmslow, residence of the Rooneys and assorted footballers, where a card in the Post Office window, that you might expect to say ‘Pram for Sale’, said ‘Ring me if you need a butler.’

Mark is committed to performing a routine about the history of every town he’ll perform in. However, he may regret making this promise.

As well as Mark Steel’s In Town, Mark has presented the BAFTA nominated Mark Steel Lectures for BBC2, is a regular on BBC One’s Have I Got News For You and Radio 4’s Newsquiz. He’s written several, acclaimed books, including: Reasons To Be Cheerful and What’s Going On and he writes a weekly column for The Independent.


He’s a man with a passionate desire to communicate his ideas, who is also very funny” – The Guardian

“Steel’s rapier wit cuts to the chase” – The Observer

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