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Mickey Hutton

Newcastle born Mickey Hutton started his performing career as a musician, playing guitar in the wonderful world of the northern working men’s clubs. He moved to London to do session work and released two singles with his band Strength on BMG Arista which flopped harder than a fat bloke in the baths. It was then he discovered the Comedy Store and decided to try his hand at stand up comedy. He became so successful at this he gave up his career in music and started touring the country as a comedian.

Mickey’s career changed again when he was asked to do T.V “warm ups” and through this got the chance to appear on the other side of the camera hosting the live Sky T.V show SATURDAY NIGHT and interviewed guests as diverse as Grace Jones to Frank Carson. Mickey made his acting debut playing God in the comedy drama A STREET CAR NAMED KEVIN, and was snapped up by Jimmy Nail to play the villain Spud Tate in two series of the hit B.B.C drama SPENDER.

Then it started to get a bit weird. The BBC were looking for a presenter for their new flagship kids show HANGAR 17 and thought that Mickey would be the perfect host! After hosting Hangar 17 for three years Mickey wrote and appeared in shows as diverse as the comedy drama MUD, THE CHILDRENS ROYAL VARIETY SHOW, SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND and COMEDY RULES.

Mickey presented HEARTS OF GOLD with Esther Rantzen and Carol Smillie hosted his own quiz show THINK TANK for Channel Four and performed along side Jimmy Nail in the B.B.C 1 series CROCODILE SHOES, which of course, enabled him to appear in Panto. His “Wishy Washy” is regarded as one of the finest moments in theatre history.

Mickey has performed as a stand up comic in the Falklands, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, Beijing, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Tokyo, Cyprus and was the first comic to perform in Shanghai. He still regularly compères at JONGLEURS and THE COMEDY STORE.

Mickey hosted HIT FOR SIX on V.H.1, and played the part of “Les” in the Mercury theatre Colchester, production of John Godber’s award winning play BOUNCERS. He wrote a column in THE SUN for two years and regularly writes and guests on both T.V and radio comedy shows. He was in the BBC comedy drama MONARCH OF THE GLEN and appeared in BOB MARTIN with Michael Barrymore and with Tim Healy in the BBC comedy drama BREEZE BLOCK.

And to top it all the Geordie boy wrote BIG BROTHER’S, Nasty Nick’s book, has Just had his first novel, MASSIVE published and played the lead in the award winning TV movie KING OF THE ROAD. The Sunday Times Magazine even featured him in their Life In A Day Column. He still does guitar sessions and works with Grammy Award winning producer Steve Levine.


Mickey Hutton is so funny I wanted to take him home and keep him as my very own personal Geordie Jester.”  – The Sun

Mickey Hutton is  just naturally funny and weirdly, I quite fancied him in a sort of, ‘Ahhh look at that cute monkey’ sort of way.”  - The Daily Mirror



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