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Nick Stein

Whether you are hosting a dinner party, getting married, celebrating a birthday, anniversary or organising a corporate function, Nick Stein is the perfect choice for your event.

Nick is widely considered one of the best in his field. He has performed his mind-blowing act all around the world and has entertained audiences from small gatherings to large crowds of over a thousand people.

Nick has performed as a resident magician at the prestigious Covent Garden in London. He has also developed a side-splittingly funny and incredibly entertaining show featuring stunning sleight of hand magic with a killer finale guaranteed to fool and amaze even the most sceptical of audiences.

As an expert at performing close-up magic Nick’s act is the perfect ice-breaker. Moving from table to table, entertaining guests as they arrive in the foyer or mingling at the bar, he amazes everyone with his flawless sleight of hand.

Nick always leaves his audience dumbfounded and wondering: “HOW???”

Nick Stein is a professional magician, based in the UK. Nick has been performing magic for the best part of 10 years, wowing spectators all around the world.

What sets Nick aside from other Magicians?

Nick has worked in Covent Garden, the home of street theatre for many years learning to draw and control a crowd as well as entertain them, turning that crowd into an audience.

His years of experience in performing magic, and injecting his brand of quick wit and hysterical sense of humour into his act already set him aside from most other magicians.

Always determined to stand out, Nick has also mastered the art of show pick-pocketing both on stage and within his close-up act to create an unforgettable entertainment experience. Nick will have no problem stealing a volunteer’s tie, belt and watch right under their nose whilst distracting them with his seamless sleight of hand and alarmingly brilliant misdirection.

This particular aspect of Nick’s act is guaranteed to have your guests in stitches of laughter as well as begging to see more of his extraordinary talents.

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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