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Simon Bligh

As a fifteen-year-old Liverpudlian schoolboy, Simon Bligh was told by his headmaster that he would go to hell. His mum wanted him to be a priest; he wanted to be a plumber. His dad was a mad Catholic Communist; he was a Kung Fu mad Buddhist. Growing up in Toxteth, his childhood was odd, but full of strange passions: Philosophy and Zen, leather trousers and motorbikes, Japan, unarmed combat and stand up comedy.

The young Simon loved comedy and, upon seeing a Richard Pryor film in an empty Manchester cinema, he realised his true calling. He knew he should be a comedian. Faced with this revelation, there followed a decade of travelling, teaching and trying to pluck up the courage to ring for open spots. Finally, he did it. He hasn’t looked back since.

Ten years on, Simon is one of the finest, and most sought after performers in this country, and beyond. With a Time Out Comedy Award and Perrier Award nomination under his belt, Simon is in great demand. Aside from being a top compere at the world famous Comedy Store, he regularly delights audiences nation-wide at comedy clubs and corporate events throughout the UK. His cheery, conversational manner and manic storytelling involve acute observations and he juxtaposes a cheery, affable conversational style with a wild, frenetic and fast-moving performance engaging audiences in a whirlwind of unadulterated comedy. His corporate clients include Halifax Building Society, The British Newspaper Association and he has recently returned from Barcelona where he hosted the ‘Achievers Awards’ for Nat West.

Simon has worked all over the globe and has made appearances as far and wide as Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, America, Malaysia, Amsterdam, Germany and France. Spring 1999 saw him take his unique brand of humour down under where he represented the cream of British talent by co-headlining the ‘The Cutting Edge of British Comedy’.

He has a string of TV credits to his name, most notably: – The Comedy Store (CH5), The Stand–Up Show (BBC), Not The Jack Docherty Show (CH5), Good Stuff Comedy (Carlton), Edinburgh Nights (BBC2), Saturday Live (ITV) and That’s Showbuisness (BBC1). Simon recently recorded a pilot for Channel 4 entitled ‘Dojo Rising’, where he indulged in his love for Martial Arts and took a look at all aspects from Kung Fu to Capoeira to the ‘beat ‘em up’ video game phenomena.

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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