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Steve Hughes

Yearning for a career where men want to be you and women want to have sex with you, Steve Hughes spent his formative years in Australia as heavy metal drummer. After ten years of recording and touring Steve gave up his job as a drummer and decided to start talking to the audience.

Heavy Rock bands Slaughter Lord, Mortal Sin, Nazxul, and Primordial’s losses are the comedy world’s gain. Steve is now widely regarded one of the most esteemed and exciting stand up comedians working on the UK and International circuit. With a laconic and deceptively laid back style, Steve’s musings on life and the universe are far reaching. A chain smoking, beer swilling, plain talking Australian, Steve’s comfortable operating in the realms of such familiar subjects as drugs, sex, and pornos but his real passion is the topical, political and intellectual – delivered in a frequently provocative manner.

Operating on many levels Steve’s eloquently argued points are always passionate and delivered with blistering conviction. His eclectic mix of quirky anecdotes and witty one-liners has earned him legions of fans across the U.K., as well as recent performances on BBC2’s “The Live Floor Show,” Paramount’s “The Comedy Store” and Comedy Central’s “The World Stands Up!”. He has appeared all over Australia, won the first

ever Green Faces Comedy Competition 1997, appeared on Channel 9′s footy show, Won Australian Comedian of the year 1998, hosted MTV in Australia, appeared at almost every international comedy festival in the world and even supported Mr Methane on tour.

Chatting with the casual confidence of a comic at home in front of a crowd Steve Hughes’ acute observations on British life are packed with conviction and passion about stuff that really matters to him. Steve’s philosophy – The idea of multiculturalism is meaningless, when there is in reality only one culture: ‘People’.


One of the best hours of stand up at the fringe…acutely observed and cutting bone-deep. Steve delves into gutsier territory – racism, terrorism, homophobia – with an honesty and openness rarely seen among comics. His insights are spot-on, his opinions are intelligent and his jokes are top class.” – The Guardian

Mark Thomas and Rob Newman have proven how effective comedy can be as a mouthpiece for such issues. Hughes knocks them into a cocked hat. In summary: Hughes is gold.” – Metro

Intelligently critical of US-backed Israeli foreign policy…and very funny too.  Hughes might look like a Motorhead roadie but under the hair there’s a keen satirical brain at work.” – London Evening Standard.

After an ingenious segment in which he proves with absolutely faultless logic that gay men are straighter than straight men, he chuckles as some bemused looks in the audience and says: “just getting your minds nice and wet for later on – this is going to get wacked.” And wacked it gets. Hughes launches into an absolutely withering demolition of the thinking behind the War on Terror. He’s not the first comedian to tackle this subject by any means, but I’ve never heard it chewed over with such devastating rigour.” – The Scotsman

Invigorating…his bullshit-free take on the world is compelling and pungent”. – Edinburgh Guide

This is exactly what political comedy should be intelligent, provocative, profound, and topped off with good, solid gags. See him while it’s still legal.” – Chortle

You get the feeling Steve Hughes is on the cusp of greatness. There is also the feeling that, if said greatness was achieved, he would probably tell it to f**k off. You will not see a more hilarious and passionate act at any festival.” –

A laconic, and laid back performer, Hughes’ quietly confident persona demonstrates a man at ease with his material. Think Boothby Graffoe…only Australian. Beneath the easy-going exterior, though, there’s fine comic work being done, as Hughes tosses out elegant gags by the bucketload…a charming delivery” – Chortle

Steve Hughes will rock your world” – Three Weeks

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