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Steve Williams

Much like his description of the Welsh accent, Steve Williams is a giddy mixture of friendliness and innocence.

Little things amuse and excite him and he’ll tell you all about them with the enthusiasm of a small child.

Soon after he started, Steve was nominated for the Chortle Award for Best Open Mic in 2002. After that Steve played comedy clubs up and down the country and in 2005 was the main support for Danny Bhoy on his national tour.

Another high profile support followed in 2006 when Steve toured with Lee Mack on his nationwide tour. After that Steve was away, taking his solo shows to Edinburgh every year.

By way of the names of his shows, Steve Williams would describe himself as excitable and a worrier, and would say he thinks far too much about things. This is no bad thing as Steve’s thoughts provide him with some excellent material.

A Welshman through and through, his home country is a good starting point for his material, and he can somehow make the Welsh accent funnier than it already is, whether it be the story behind a friend’s solitary flip flop or another’s gruesome accident.

Just hear his pronunciation of the word ratatouille to find out how good the Welsh accent can be, and that’s a dolphin saying it.

Steve has not only performed on television, on the likes of Edinburgh and Beyond and The Comedy Store, but he is also a seasoned writer having contributed to BBC Radio 1′s The Milk Run, Channel 4′s Distraction and Russell Howard’s Good News, in which he also performed.

Steve has also been on Richard And Judy no less as their comedic pundit, so he should know what he’s talking about.

Steve Williams’ charm lies in his delivery and enthusiasm. A small time in his company will leave you wanting more, the sign of a good comedian.

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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