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Tiernan Douieb

Well, some say legend has it he was discovered playing a tiny violin under a rock on the banks of the Nile by a fisherman. This is rubbish. He can’t play the violin. He’s so unmusical he once spent two hours trying to call someone on a saxophone.

Some say he was raised by bears in the forests of British Columbia. This would explain his enjoyment of honey, and excessively hairy stomach. Others say ‘Tiernan Dweeb, never heard of him. You mean Tommy Tiernan?’ These people are ingrates.

Truth is, Tiernan was born at some point a while ago and now does stand-up comedy. There’s a load of stuff inbetween but its not interesting in the slightest.

However, stand-up is, and since he started several moons ago, its all been going rather well. He does tell the funnies and people do laugh and that.

Tiernan’s successful 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Tiernan Douieb vs The World’, have led to a busy last 6 months, with a new foot in the political comedy door and several shows at protests and demonstrations across the UK, including the Occupy LSX camp. 2012 is already set to not involve much sleep at all for the little blighter. This year he currently has shows booked in for most of Scandinavia and other parts of the globe as well as various projects on the go.

Over the past few years he has supported International star Jim Jefferies and Russell Howard, worked as warm up for Mark Watson’s We Need Answers, BBC’s Dick and Dom’s Funny Business.and played at some of the top music festivals in the UK.

His 2010 and 2009 Edinburgh shows ‘Littlest Things’ and ’28 Years Later’, received several sell out crowds and great reviews for his affable comedy and strong storytelling.

He preceded that with two sketch shows as part of troupe ‘Tea and Cake’ which gained comparisons to Chris Morris for its dark undertones.

Tiernan is also a skilled performer of Comedy 4 Kids, clean shows to children aged 6-11 and their parents. He has taken this all over the world and is now adept at dealing with 6 year olds who want to ‘be a duck’ when they grow up.

He invented and ran the world’s first ever Twitter Comedy Club with an estimated 14000 viewers and international press, writes a popular daily blog and one day aims to go on Dragon’s Den with his idea for zips on pitta breads.


gets the juxtaposition between heavy context and winning punchlines right when it is most needed‘ – Fest Mag ****

With this fresh style and material he blows so many other Fringe comedians out of the water.‘ – Three Weeks ****

a perennial contender for the title of most affable person in comedy‘ – The Scotsman

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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