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Yianni Agisilaou

A “sparklingly intelligent and very funny” man (Chortle), through hard work and quality output Yianni has accumulated an impressive list of achievements in comedy.  His electric material, sharp improvisational mind and smooth crowd control skills also make him an in-demand MC at clubs worldwide.

Beginning stand up in 2000 by winning an open mic competition at his first gig, Yianni was quickly awarded ‘Best New Act’ in 2001 by university activities coordinators around Victoria.  Inspired, Yianni entered Raw Comedy, a nationwide comedy talent search.  By the time he had reached the National Final and performed in front of a crowd of 1500 people at the Melbourne Town Hall, he knew he had found his life’s calling.

2002 saw Yianni take a post university year off to travel but – far from taking a break from comedy – he managed to weave it into his journeys.  Performing throughout England and the USA during his 6 months of travel he was also invited to perform in ‘Raw Prawns’, a showcase of upcoming Australian talent at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After an abortive attempt at a legal career in 2003 Yianni decided that comedy was his passion and decided to embark on it full time.  To this end, he moved to England in August 2004, which is when his comedy story really starts to gather steam.

Within 5 months of arriving and merely on the basis of an unsolicited showreel submitted to the producers, Yianni was selected to appear on globally broadcast stand up show ‘The World Stands Up’.  His live performance at the recording elicited a standing ovation from the 1000 strong crowd and moved host and circuit veteran Sean Meo to label Yianni ‘one of the three best acts of his age’ that he had ever seen.

A prominent comedy agent saw Yianni’s act that night and immediately signed him.  Yianni now performs and comperes at all major UK comedy venues.  He has also performed extensively abroad, including a tour of Ireland, supporting ‘Grace under fire’ star Brett Butler in Atlanta, in front of a roaring crowd of 4000 in Johannesburg, as part of festivals in Amsterdam and Dubai and at music festivals such as Reading, Leeds and the End of the Road Festival.  He also regularly entertains British troops on active service as far away as Afghanistan, Cyprus and The Falklands.

He is a regular at the Melbourne and Edinburgh festivals with his full length shows “USA”, “Black and White”, “Yianni’s Head” and “Maybe YOU’D like to teach the class?!?” all being well received and attended.  He is an avid fan of Australian Rules Football with his “2008 AFL Season Review” collaboration with Nick Caddaye gaining great reviews and attendance.

His 2009 show “MP3Some: A love triangle. Set to music” is the culmination of a lifelong passion for both comedy and music (Yianni also plays piano and is a DJ) and represented the manifestation of Yianni’s desire to produce a show that was both funny and beautiful.

In 2010 Yianni performed two shows in Edinburgh.  ‘They @£$% you up: Greek Parents’ (A skilfully crafted hour of wonderfully funny family anecdotes told with charm and passion – TIME OUT) and ‘The Universe: A user’s guide’ (takes us right from the Big Bang to the modern-day experiments in the Large Hadron Collider, and does so in hilarious fashion – THREE WEEKS)

In 2011 Yianni brought “Things that make you go “Ooooh!” to the Edinburgh Fringe, a show about coincidences.  It was wildly succesful with regular full houses.  A review suggested that Yianni “could be the next big thing”

PRICE BAND: Bronze £500 to £2,500

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